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  1. Not solved yet but worked around. My situation was two fold with this change. First, when using Privoxy for normal browsing, I could not connect to my containers. I've added the server IP to the containers Ignore addresses both with and without http(s)://, I've added the ports to delugevpn ADDITIONAL_PORT var, I've reset, rebooted etc. I ended up using a proxy switcher extension for now to go direct for 192.168.* but now I have an extension that potentially could be monitoring my traffic. Second, the containers couldn't connect to the indexers in Jackett (although Jackett had no t
  2. Same problem here only I've been running a couple years or more. Deluge downloader is working fine. I can manually search on Jackett, find things and download fine. Looks like it broke last Sunday given all the red on Sonarr calendar...
  3. I deleted and reinstalled the docker and now I can't connect with the thin client either. The connect button is greyed out so I guess the daemon isn't running? It's been working fine for three years now dead. Any ideas at all? Here's the log with some errors I found tonight... File "/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/deluge/", line 198, in archive_files os.remove(sorted(all_arcs)[0]) builtins.IsADirectoryError: [Errno 21] Is a directory: '/config/archive/state-2020-10-05T01-08-16' 2021-01-13 23:36:17,989 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [info] Deluge process listening on port
  4. Hi, I can no longer get sonar or radar to connect to deluge-vpn. When I test the connection I get a "Authentication Failed" error. All was working before 12/22. I have unraid auto-updating nightly so that's likely when it died. I can log in from a linux box with the deluge thin client running, Connects and is fully operational. The web interface runs but it doesn't really work. It's there, accepts logining in and all the buttons work, but most of the preferences are blank, changing any doesn't stick, it doesn't show any active torrents and won't actually add any torrents. The biggest problem i
  5. For a while now, whenever the container is updated it completely empties my queue and I have to go back and re-add everything. What's up with that? Let me know where to have a look. THANKS!
  6. I see this is an older thread but I have the same exact issue and can't find any help on it yet. Anyone have any ideas? THX!
  7. Hi, Privoxy is not starting. I tried repulling the image but I'm still getting the same issue. This is all I'm seeing in the log 2019-05-07 18:22:00,596 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [debug] Waiting for Privoxy process to start... 2019-05-07 18:22:01,600 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [warn] Wait for Privoxy process to start aborted, too many retries [warn] Showing output from command before exit... 2019-05-07 18:22:03,603 DEBG fd 16 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 22775243352888 for <Subprocess at 22775243981656 with name watchdog-script in state RU