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  1. Thanks everyone! I updated, and then went to watch a show and no plex server! Argh! I have to admit I'm slack these days at updating (too many projects on the go like 3D printing and Christmas light displays) so this saved me a ton of fiddling. Also discovered a great new app on that youtube video for moving files., Krusader! That made the task a lot easier! :)
  2. Thanks. I tried a Pre-clear with the plugin but unraid needed the unassigned and it all started to get a bit complicated with them being assigned to the array. In the end I pulled the usb, used parted magic erase disk which I use a lot, so I know how it works. It's probably just a fancy ui fror hdparm UhClem because it erases at the hardware level so no load on the system at all, which is sweet. Takes about 240-338mins per drive and it can clear all 5 at the same time. I'll test a drive with a recovery program afterwards, and if all clear I'l
  3. Well I'm not talking about formatting the drive. You can still recover data after doing that. I'm talking about using Parted Magic which has an Erase program on it. It erases from the hard drive internally. Takes hours, but it's supposed to be secure. I use it to repurpose drives and wipe ssd's on regular desktops. Preclearing erases a few times doesn't? It's been a while since I used it. So that might be just as good and I can just set it off doing it's thing. So I'll just do that.
  4. Hi, I haven't been on here for a while Nice new forum! Just goes to show how reliable my Unraid system has been. Zero downtime! Yay. I've decided to move on my old HP N40L with 4x2Tb drives. I've replaced it with a HP G8 running 4x3Tb drives a few years ago, and I only used the N40L for backups. The drives are full of data. I would like to sell it with the drives intact, erased. Am I better to do a full pre-clear on all the drives, or just erase them at hard drive level in parted magic? I will be selling it as a bare system so the new owner can do w
  5. Have a look under view in explorer and check or uncheck the hidden files should solve it.
  6. I just turned on log deleted files and all the shares appeared listed. Give that a try.
  7. I just checked mine and it was stopped, which is strange because it was turned off before and working. Started it again, and same issue as your getting. It has picked up one share only which is empty. I'm running 6.3.3 and 2017.03.26 plugin that was updated a few days ago.
  8. Figured it out. Permissions was set as root, so ran the permissions script and it's working like a charm now. Phew.
  9. Is there a reason why this isn't working on some shares? I have nothing in excluded shares, but for some reason nothing is recycled in "Backups" but in "Documents" it is. It's a bit strange.
  10. Thanks dlandon This plugin has saved me in the past. I just noticed it wasn't working on 6.3 and found your update! Thanks for your hard work in making it happen.
  11. Thank you! That was it. SAB was missing that permissions setting! I must have missed it when I set it all up manually for the docker! Thank you so much! Sanity can be restored now! haha!
  12. Does no one else have this issue? First cache drive, and this is driving me crazy. Maybe it's caused by the docker apps... might look into that.
  13. Hi, I built myself a new server ages ago on V6 and put a cache drive in for the first time (I was using a self mounted apps drive). I copied all my data over from my old server (now my backup) and installed docker and plugin apps. Works great. The only issue I have is a permissions issues. I've created a .apps folder and put all my docker apps data in separate folders, but I can't edit, or delete or anything on the cache drive. It says I need permission from nobody to delete a file for example (that using Win 7 in explorer to delete). If I run the permissions script on the c
  14. Big thank you to dlandon for this plugin! Both servers upgraded to 6.1.2 with a working recycle bin! Cheers! And Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  15. Installed fine as an update. The RecycleBin folder didn't show anything when I accessed via Explorer after deleting a files or 2. In the plugin settings it said it had 20kb which was a few test files I was deleting so they were there, just not visable. I had to manually change permissions for for that folder and they magically appeared. My Windows 10 laptop however can't access the RecycleBin folder at all. Looks like it trying to connect as a domain instead of the Workgroup its set to. All other shares are accessible, and I can access it perfectly fine with my Windows 7 machine.
  16. Here's the smb-extra.conf off my 6.0.1 running the hacked plugin [global] security = USER#vfs_recycle_start #Recycle bin share [RecycleBin] path = /mnt/user/.Recycle.Bin read only = No #vfs config # Documentation # Forum topic # %S Samba share name (which in unRaid equals the user share name), eg. Storage # %P User share full path, eg /mnt/user/Storage # %u Username of the current service, if any # To apply changes execute: /etc/rc.d/rc.samba restart # If the single cu
  17. That's the one BRiT I knew it was somewhere! It seems to have disappeared from the plg that installs to the smb-extra.conf file. It's pretty important to is stores files differently if called the same on different shares.
  18. I think we should move all future comments about the 6.1 plugin to the new thread here I think that will give you a fresh start dlandon and you'll know people are talking about your updated plg, and not previous version still available from this page.
  19. Hi dlandon, I tested this on my 6.1 backup system. It installed, and the settings are selectable and the recycle bin empties fine. I also clean installed it by removing the entries from smb-extra.conf and the old plg in files and backups. When it was installed I had to manually press enable, and SMB seemed to get trashed in the process but I stopped and started the array and all back to normal. It's better than the hacked to work version I was using now anyway! Great job! One thing not working is that when I trash a file called test.txt in a Backups folder it ends up in the
  20. Cheers dlandon. A number of users are keen to get this up and running, but none of us have the knowledge to fix it and make it workable. Influencer is very busy and it's been left to it's own devices with people patching issues here and there. Happy to beta test it on my 6.1 backup system. It worked on 6.01 BUT the plugin part wasn't functional for settings etc. The actual recycle bin worked ok. In 6.1 it was still installed, but only the folder structure was recycled, the files weren't. I also tried just putting the code into the additional smb-extra.conf after removing th
  21. I was just about to start a new thread myself! Someone really needs to take this under their wing to get it running smoothly. Even under 6.0.1 it was always enabled, and you couldn't update the settings. I want to upgrade, but this plugin is holding me back. I can't live without a recycle bin with a family all accessing the server!!!! Someone please help! Please! Pretty Please! With sugar on the top!!!! Did I say please??
  22. Try this
  23. Didn't work for me after upgrading to 6.1. If I delete something and it doesn't appear in the recycle bin. Grrrr.
  24. Ok, so I can basically keep the existing smb-extra.conf which is already working then once the plugin has gone. The plugin does schedule a weekly empty though or can I just empty it manually?
  25. Thanks BRiT, can you assist with some instructions on how to set up this manually? Are you using it this way?