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  1. I heard back from Supermicro, and given you have the same mb, you will run into this same issue if you upgrade the bios and fw. Here are the steps to fix it. I will try this in the next few days and report back. 1. The KVM console file from the WEBGUI is JAVA applications, you will need install JAVA to run it. 2. The latest BMC FW contains a security fix which require to update ASPEED drivers to the latest 1.10 for the OS, it looks like your Unraid OS does not have it so it shows black screen. To fix this, --------------------------------------------------- 1. Please roll back the BMC drivers to previous 1 version. FW 1.48 (Attached) 2. Do AC off (remove power cord), after the FW is downgraded to FW 1.48 successfully. 3. The OS should be fine with FW 1.48, then download the ASPEED drivers from our SMC website to do the drivers update. 4. Upgrade the system to the latest BMC FW.
  2. I do not use a Go file anymore and haven't for a long time, so that can't be it. Also, just to point out that I have not made any changes to my server except the bios updates and everything on the server was working fine before that. I just went back and checked the bios settings and I do not find anything to change. There are a couple of new options in the bios after the update, see attached pics. Thanks for the info on the igpu. I'm using the vga port on the motherboard connected to a monitor. I do have a ticket open with Supermicro as well, but they have not yet responded to it. Please take a look at the pics and let me know if you see anything that I should try changing. After the bios update, I went back and changed everything to match what I had before. The last pic I included is the last screen I see on the monitor attached to the server, before it goes dark. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for your reply. I don't use plex at all and I only have a few dockers installed. Also, it's not just KVM, I also do not have any video to the attached monitor. Just to confirm, I just stopped and disabled all of my dockers, but that didn't resolve the issue. I've never had a pci video card in my server. I'm using the CPU onboard GPU. I do find your issue interesting, so thanks for sharing.
  4. Unraid is 6.8.2 and I have had no recent issues with my server at all. I have a SuperMicro X11SSM-f, and full specs in are in my sig. I built a new windows 10 pc and I was having KVM Console connection issues with my new pc, so opened a case with Supermicro. They directed me to update both my system bios and the IPMI firmware to fix the issue, and to use a new version of IPMIView. I have updated the bios and the BMC fw and the process worked without any errors. I followed the instructions exactly. I did Restore Settings to Default after the bios update, and then went back in and put back the settings as they were before (working system with no issues at all). The motherboard bios shows it is now 2.3. I took pictures of every bios screen before doing anything so I could be sure to put everything back. Before Starting the BMC firmware update, I unchecked both boxes per the instructions, means those settings were put back to factory default as well. After the fw update I connected to the server BMC via web gui, I updated the BMC password and made no other changes. Firmware shows 1.58. I can boot the system to the Bios screen and I can also boot to the Shell and I see output on the attached monitor. I can use the web gui and login to the BMC without any issues. The System screen shows the same thing as the attached monitor and I can also iKVM and take control of the server. So far everything is good. The IPMI application from my pc works now, the KVM Console works again so the updates fixed that issue. Although it seems the BMC web gui has all the same features of IPMI View, so I’m not sure I need that application now. Now the big issue. When I boot to Unraid I can see the initial boot screen for Unraid on the attached monitor as it is loading the unraid OS. However, after it boots, the attached monitor goes blank and I cannot see the unraid screen anymore. I normally would see the Unraid login screen. I also connect to the server BMC via web gui and when it shows the server screen, it too is blank, just like the attached monitor. When I use iKVM via BMC web gui, it also shows the blank screen if I take control of the sever. However, if I just connect to the server via the browser (regular interface - Not BMC interface), my server is up and running perfectly. I just no longer have video to the attached monitor. When I go to reboot Unraid, it drops out of the unraid OS, ie shutting down, I again see the screen logs as it shuts down, so it goes back to normal display on the monitor. It looks like I only have the issue when unraid is fully running. I of course did not have this issue with Unraid prior to the Bios and BMC firmware updates. Any ideas?
  5. I found the paper with my pw, so I'm in. For others with this issue, I found instructions (but did not test it). It said to Stop HA. Rename or delete the Storage directory, restart HA and it shoudl prompt you to create HA account / pw. I hope this helps others
  6. I need this info too and the Support does NOT have the answer. How did you reset your gui password?
  7. Thanks, I didn't realize that. What is your recommendation to replace CP? It doesn't sound like you recommend CP anymore.
  8. And that will resolve the CP update issue? Normally the rule is to be sure all dockers are already updated, then update unraid OS, so please confirm that is the right action to take.
  9. I have items that won't update, utempter and bluez. I run the update, says it worked, but then they still show a update is ready, rinse and repeat.... How can I resolve this?
  10. Looks like my CP docker will not take the recent update. It shows a update is ready, I can run it, and it says it was successful, but then shows a update is ready, rinse and repeat.... CP is working fine, it just won't take the update. Perhaps I need to uninstall and install again? I haven't had to do that in a long time, so I don't remember how to preserve all my settings for that container and the config file / settings within CP. Screenshots attached. I'm on unraid 6.7.2 CP log attached (trimmed to only today). I tried stopping CP and then do the update, same result. The log shows a API key error, but again, my CP is working as expected. cp log.txt
  11. That is why I went with the LSI 9305-24i
  12. Clinton already got back to me and here is the solution if anyone else is having this issue. ok... noy sure what changed there, but it looks as though it is not accepting user/pass and logging you in... I would suggest trying using API (SC now supports API and it is cleaner) [SickBeard] [[tv]] apikey = Just enter the api key from SickChill... After adding the api to the cfg file, it's now working again. Many thanks to Clinton for awesome support and super fast response
  13. @clinton.hall Looks like something has changed again, the nzbtomedia script is failing. The only change on my end is binhex pushed a new version of SC last week. The error is SickBeard: Failed to post-process - Returned log from SickBeard was not as expected.! Sab dl's the file fine and the script does run, rename the file, but post processing request to SC is not working. The result is the show file is not moved to the tv show directory. I can run a Manual post processing from SC and it finishes without issues. Can you please take a look at the nzbtomedia log file and advise?
  14. change your cache drive to a 1tb - and ensure Mover runs at least once a day - problem solved
  15. Mine has been working all this time. The record button is there and I can record. I just got another update today and now it does not have the message about No DVR, so it sees it now. Even though, I never had a issue that I know of.