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  1. Recommendations from Storj support to change the -v to --mount. Any idea how to do this in Unraid/CA? "-v ‘/mnt/user/appdata/StorjNode-V3/identity/’:’/app/identity’:‘rw’ -v ‘/mnt/user/appdata/StorjNode-V3/share/’:’/app/config’:‘rw’" Please, replace to --mount asap: https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/storage-node#running-the-storage-node https://documentation.storj.io/resources/faq/how-do-i-change-my-parameters-such-as-payout-address-allotted-storage-space-and-bandwidth
  2. Just set up tdarr yesterday, loving the control that it gives me as opposed to something like Unmanic. I have it pointed at my movies folder using Handbrake, and have pinned four cores to the container. Right now, the ETA is about 16 hours @ 20% complete. The ETA bounces around between 14-18 hours. I just copied this same file to my Handbrake container watch folder, and the ETA is ~8 hours with .31% complete. Also four separate cores pinned to the container. Using the same preset: H.265 MKV 1080p30. Per the logs the ETA is steady, doesn't change much, except to decrease normally as it processes. Wondering why the discrepancy between the two? I really want to like tdarr for the control it gives. I'm confident I'm doing something wrong, just don't know what yet.
  3. I added a second network cable yesterday, assigned an IP address, unraid made it the default route and that's when the problems started. Both NICs have outbound access to the gateway/dns, but when unraid made the second NIC the default, that's when the problems started. I disabled the second NIC, manually added a default route via the first NIC, re-enabled the second NIC and now everything is working as normal. Likely not a bug in unraid, just changing the default route to the newest added NIC appears to be the issue.
  4. Running 6.8.0 since released, this problem just popped up for me today. All Docker containers say "update ready", updating manually does nothing. Pulls 0 bytes, just reloads the container. So, not fixed in 6.8. I'm just now going through this whole thread.
  5. Alright then, testing with default.
  6. @limetech I followed this advice. Should I set to something else?
  7. Updated to rc4, been on it for about 5 hours, no corruption. Set "mdcmd set md_restrict 2" Will stress it more later.
  8. @limetech I disabled the bonding since I only have one network cable at the moment anyhow. Messages have disappeared. Anything else I can try to assist? I have time today to try other scenarios.
  9. In this case the mv command doesn't copy, just changes location pointer. From the command line, here is what I did.. 1) CLI: mv /mnt/user/stuff/tv/Star\ Trek\ Deep\ Space\ Nine /mnt/user/stuff/holding/ 2) Plex GUI: Scan library files in Plex 3) CLI: less /mnt/user/appdata/PlexMediaServer/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Logs/Plex\ Media\ Server.log - observed no corruption 4) CLI: mv /mnt/user/stuff/holding/Star\ Trek\ Deep\ Space\ Nine /mnt/user/stuff/tv 5) Plex GUI: Initiated scan, Plex picked up the change and is processing files. 6) CLI: cp -rv /mnt/user/stuff/tv/Star\ Trek\ Deep\ Space\ Nine /mnt/user/stuff/tmp/ 7) CLI: less /mnt/user/appdata/PlexMediaServer/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Logs/Plex\ Media\ Server.log - observed corruption within 1 minute.
  10. After moving the directory of TV episodes back to the TV watch folder, I started to copy those same exact files to another location... /mnt/user/stuff/tv/Star Trek DS9 --> /mnt/user/stuff/holding So, while Plex was scanning those files, they were being copied.
  11. Upgraded to 6.8.0-rc3 two days ago. During normal use, Plex scans periodically, a couple of movies were added, no corruption on linuxserver/Plex or binhex/Sonarr during that time. Tunable(scheduler) = none I just moved a 60G directory of tv episodes out of the TV directory, Plex rescanned, no corruption. I moved that 60G tv show back to the tv watch folder, Plex starts scanning, and started a copy of large files in another window, near immediate corruption. Diag attached. r410-diagnostics-20191020-1654.zip
  12. Back to daily corruption, so back to 6.6.7.
  13. Just had a Plex corruption. Edit: and Sonarr is now corrupted r410-diagnostics-20190924-1810.zip
  14. 6 days for me, no corruption on 6.7.3-rc3
  15. I've moved back to 6.6.7 today because I was dealing with regular corruption. Limetech's near silence on the matter is troubling too.