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  1. I would GREATLY appreciate some help with my routing table. My main network is and my VPN network is When I'm connected by VPN I can't access my unraid server. Would it be a problem with my routing table entries? Can I clean up some of those routes I have? for example the shim-br0? I really don't know what I need to keep and what I need to add and what the difference in the gateway effects it.
  2. I post to quickly without thinking... I had IPv6 DNS entered in my pihole container. I'm going test. Deleting this post.
  3. Is this normal? Mar 28 14:37:26 R720 avahi-daemon[10445]: Joining mDNS multicast group on interface vethbd239d6.IPv6 with address fe80::d46f:a5ff:fe4d:a4cd. Mar 28 14:37:26 R720 avahi-daemon[10445]: New relevant interface vethbd239d6.IPv6 for mDNS. Mar 28 14:37:26 R720 avahi-daemon[10445]: Registering new address record for fe80::d46f:a5ff:fe4d:a4cd on vethbd239d6.*. Mar 28 14:37:30 R720 kernel: eth0: renamed from vethd648de3 Mar 28 14:37:30 R720 kernel: IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): vethb54df6f: link becomes ready I don't have it in my network settings as being on. "IPv4 Only"??
  4. I was using the network daughter board in the past but I only have one port active now. The other card and onboard are disabled in the bios. I get the Error Found from "Fix common plugin app": eth4 and eth8 both have IP addresses on the network. This is rarely a valid configuration I've tried to delete all of these entries by clicking the trash can but they don't delete. Everything works but is there a simple way to fix this? IPv4 default br4 via link 210 IPv4 default br8 via link 211 IPv4 br4 210 IPv4 br8 211 Thanks for any help you can offer.
  5. Thats exactly what I'm doing. You're brilliant! I was using the web client (multiple times on one pc) to run multiple streams for testing transcoding and I was forcing the quality change. I wanted to test the not only that it was transcoding but that it was running more than 2 concurrent sessions. I just got to work so I can't test until much later tonight but thank you so much. EDIT: I would like to confirm that was my problem and my transcoding was been fine the whole time. The way I was testing it was wrong. LOL? More sad than funny but thank you!
  6. That PSU calculator is pretty cool! Thank you so much for your response and help. With my basic items in the calculator it does recommend I use ~600w so 750w should be fine. I've already ordered the 1100w so I will install them anyway and see... in march. Shipping to canada is never great.
  7. I'm feeling a little silly because I think I just realized what my issue is with this patch and my hardware setup. I believe the issue I have is not with the patch but with my hardware setup. Please review and comment if anyone can? I have a DELL R720 with a gtx 1650 turbo and two 750w power supplies. My card is recognized and it starts to transcode but quickly fails and kills the processes. I didn't even clue in that I only had 750w power supplies or that it wouldn't be enough until I was physically changing my setup for something else. Does it seem plausible that my ps is too weak and when the GPU starts to draw anything beyond idle it fails? I've ordered 2 1100w power supplies (wont arrive until mid march!) but I like to know if anyone can comment... even if its "you idiot of course you need a larger ps when you add a gpu!"
  8. I’m sorry you are correct. I’m not running unraid in a vm; however, the issue of it starting to transcode then crashing is what happens to me also. I was just going to wait for the full 6.9 release before doing anything else but I’m happy to help if you want any further testing.
  9. I had the same issue with my gtx 1650 turbo. I was unable to fix it.
  10. I have a very similar issue with one of my drives. Do you make any progress or what are you doing keeping or replacing? Are you on stable or next? I'm running RC3.
  11. I went right from 6.8.3 to rc2 so I have to go back to that then forward to beta35. Thank you so much for commenting and helping I really appreciate it, you saved me so much time of messing around and attempting to trouble shoot.
  12. I love unraid but I'm a little perplex at what is the cause / solution for the reoccuring error I'm getting. Googling didn't help, i deleted my pool and reinstalled my dockers and 1 VM and I'm still getting this error. I'm using unraid 6.8.3. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. So I thought I'd just solve this the old fashioned way... I uninstalled the unifi-video docker from the r710 and install it on my r720. I get not more retr's from the iperf client from r720 to the iperf3 server on the r710. BUT now I get retr's when I -R (or reverse the packets) WTF? My r720 server is fairly clean but I get the same issue on a completely different server with different (newer) hardware. I might just create a VM just for the unifi video.
  14. This is weird and I know it but if any one can help I'd appreciate it. I'm getting high retr when iperf3 from my unraid r720 to my unraid r710 constantly: I thought I narrowed it down to my unifi video docker (when that docker is stopped the retr's stop); however, I get retr's also when during an install or uninstall any dockers. After the install is complete it goes back to zero (when unifi-video container is stopped also). When playing videos from plex docker (710) which accesses library files from the r720 there are no retr's (with the unifi video docker stopped). I tested all the camera's individually(disconnecting), updated to :beta, changed my POE to inline for testing. If I iperf3 my 10gb connect between my r710 and r720 its fine. I also tested iperf using different 1gb nic ports from the r710 to r720 and still get retrs. I do have some errors in my log: I have an SSD in my array which causes some errors. I've been messing around with network setting, dockers, hardware. I've lost a little focus and I'm not sure where to go now. I'm tempted just to reinstall the unifi-video and ignore all the retr's. Would that be so bad? I'm not an IT person and it could be a simple error I've made in playing or setting up my homelab. I'm not including any info on my r720 I've spend a lot of time looking at it also but I believe its somehow network / docker on the 710 related but I don't know.
  15. I lost my mount and it would not remount, I tried trouble shooting, most current version, reboot, test device (separate UNRAID NAS) but couldn't get it mount. After changing my password to a simple (no Uppers or !) it works. Very strange but thank you for this post.