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  1. Thanks Squid, your correct. Using an alternate browser the text displays correctly. I was using Firefox when i noticed the problem, but Edge (Chrome based) does not have the same issue and neither does Chrome. Interesting as its not something I remember from before I upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9.1 - makes me wonder if I'm just getting old 🤔
  2. Strange one, Can anybody help me uncover why my terminal window is not displaying text properly. The picture shows how text displays whenever I open a terminal window, this also remains after a reboot. As you can see the right hand side of the letters is simply not showing
  3. I had not realised this was already a thing in 'FCP' for Unraid 6.9 As ever great responses from the community. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Not sure if this has been requested before and also not sure how easy it would be to implement, but I just think it would be a great shortcut if notifications were clickable. for example; I get quite a few niotifications from the 'Fix common problems' plugin. They always suggest I investigate at 'Settings / User Utilities / fix common problems' I feel It would be so intuitive to have these notifications clickable to take us straight to 'Fix Common Problems' or which ever area the notification is pointing us to.
  5. pm1961 did you get this sorted? One thing I have noticed previously with swag / docker / unraid / duckdns / cloudflare / pfsense ... etc When making changes or getting things set up it takes time for dns changes to propogate throught the various interfaces etc. I have countless times been looking for problems that simply dissapear when all the networkimng interfaces catch up with themselves. Nowadays as somebody who tinkers if I am changing things to do with or that require dns and forwarding I tend to reboot my pfsense box and my pc before checking whether things are working. I am sure there are commands that will release and renew leases and dns but i just find its simpler to reboot and then I know its not a cached dns problem. dgs2001
  6. JorgeB, Thank you for your help. Seems so simple now, I thought I had probably gone wrong somewhere! Having gone wrong my second mistake was to fail to unassign the current cache with a start array, stop array cycle before attempting to re-assign the old cache. For anybody reading this in future suffering a similar faux pas, I was unable to select 2 cache drives until I had succesfully re-assigned 1 cache drive then stoped the array again at this point I was able to select 2 for the number of cache drives. All is now as expected with a btrfs operation underway.
  7. JorgeB, Thanks diags attached. Currently I have the old cache (Samsung_SSD_850_EVO_1TB_S21DNXAG611036H) mounted and am manually copying the contents. Unraid is currently using the new SSD cache drive (ZA1920NM10001_HKS02CWE) Your help is appreciated, Im sure its something simple but I dont want to destroy the existing cache data tower-diagnostics-20201203-1218.zip
  8. Hi All, Running unraid version 6.8.3 - I have a single btrfs 1TB SSD which is showing its age having written well over 300TB's in its 5yrs 9months of power on. It holds around 380 gb data from dockers and vm's and as it is a single drive I have decided it should be retired to less important duties! Looking at the following - https://forums.unraid.net/topic/46802-faq-for-unraid-v6/?tab=comments#comment-480419 I proceeded to stop the array, insert the new SSD cache drive and restart the array, Unraid offered me the option to format the new cache drive which I have done. I was expecting a btrfs device swap to begin but that has not happened so now Im a little nervous as to the next steps. The old cache drive was showing as an unassigned device with the new cache drive just sitting pretty empty. Both the docker service and the vm service are currently switched off in settings. Being a little nervous about loosing the existing cache data I have stopped the array and reselcted the old cache drive, however I now have a red warning telling me that "All existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is Started" Can somebody please confirm or point me towards the correct and current process from here? I really do not want to overwrite the old cache data. Huge Thanks dgs2001
  9. Hi Jason, Have you managed to pass through a Dolby Atmos soundtrack in Handbrake? If yes can you let me know which version you are using? Using the djaydev fork of handbrake which allows NVENC and removes quick sync I have been unable to pass through an Atmos sound track. Thanks dgs2001
  10. Josh5, 25 pages late into your Unmanic docker but just wanted to say a big Thumbs Up from me. This is looking like a great docker. The feature I like most is the ability to pass through the sound as is. Handbrake will not currently pass through an Atmos sound track instead re-encoding it which is really annoying!! One feature request if I may - The ability to move an encoded file to an 'output' folder. Keep up the good work and Thanks
  11. Hi SpaceInvaderOne Another outstanding contribution ! Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes - Can you please do a tutorial on creating and publishing a docker container start to finish, for unraid. Its such a fab part of the Unraid Server I would be really interested to see somebody walk us through a deployment from start to finish. Nothing overly complex just a simple one! What do you recon? Thanks dgs2001
  12. Hi Phillips2010 First up I'm no expert. Just a regular home based nerd type So I read your whole post and thought there is a simple answer - Basically Unraid just works ! I was a long time freenas user, it also works as a NAS storage solution but you can't just add more random drives into a freenas pool. Once I filled up my drives I started looking at options and I stumbled upon Unraid. Unraid really has been the best decision I made, a re-purposed dual E5-2690 dell server, running 32GB ram and a 1TB ssd for a cache barely gets warm running multiple dockers, a few vms, a media server with associated downloading, re-encoding and processing and all whilst dealing with storage for a small business, Access Control for users is straight forward and also works as expected. Managing Shares, Users and Vm's is all pretty straightforward too. I am unsure about Backblaze rules and definitions, but there is a possibility that a pc/mac VM with access to any shares you wanted backed up could allow you to still run the personal backup service? The excelent Community Applications plugin provides access to a large number of functioning docker containers, set up and execution of these is simple for even the less experienced nerds amoungst us. Also no need for teamviewer as within the excelent Community Applications (CA) plugin there exists a fully functional Wireguard app, although you will need to open a port in your Work firewall if thats where the server resides. To help with your decision making I highly recomend you check out the tutorials by Spaceinvader One - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA you will see these excelent tutorials refered to time and time again throughout the forums which by the way are friendly, helpful and full of posters far more knowledgable than me! Not a very technical answer but to refocus on my opening statement - Basically Unraid just works. Oh and Docker all the way, I did a search on importing media to plex docker from plex vm and found this article https://support.plex.tv/articles/201370363-move-an-install-to-another-system/ Also Spaceinvader One who I mentioned earlier did a video specific to Unraid although he was moving from one docker container to another docker container you can see it here -
  13. I know this is an old thread, but I have just had similar trying to set up PfSense as a virtual machine. In short a windows vm can see my 4 port nic but PfSense cannot see more than one port on the card. I highly recommend watching the excellent video's SpaceInvader One has created. His video titled Advanced GPU passthrough may be the answer to your problem and also the op. In short study the XML as per the post previously by uek2wooF and described excellently by SpaceInvader One. The card or device you are passing through must be passed in a way to mimic the hardware. With a 4 port intel pro NIC card the virtual bus and slot must be the same with the device marked as multifunction and the different ports corresponding to the different function number. As an example this is the XML for a 4 port nic where all 4 ports are now correctly passed through - <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x43' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x0' multifunction='on'/> </hostdev> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x43' slot='0x00' function='0x1'/> </source> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x1'/> </hostdev> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x44' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x2'/> </hostdev> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x44' slot='0x00' function='0x1'/> </source> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x3'/> </hostdev> Although in hardware the card is split across two bus numbers, mine are bus='0x43' and bus='0x44' but yours may be different, in order to see all 4 ports in a pfsense vm the card must be passed through on just one bus. EDIT I did not select bus number 0x01, this was the bus number as generated automatically within the xml template, yours may be a different bus number to mine. bus='0x01' Hope this helps anybody who stumbles upon this thread in the future.
  14. OK Problem Solved. To recap it seems even though I selected passthrough for just about all the audio formats, the audio is not passed through if it is marked as Unknown unless unknown is selected in the track behavior window. I had not realised this before. Thanks again for the help and the excellent container. dgs2001
  15. @dee31797 Thanks for the suggestion. Looking at the log I see the following [15:53:08] libhb: scan thread found 1 valid title(s) + Using preset: 265AUTOpass + title 1: + stream: /watch/series/Some Episode to Encode.S07E20.720p.HEVC.x265-MeGusta/82070f.mkv + duration: 00:43:31 + size: 1280x718, pixel aspect: 1/1, display aspect: 1.78, 23.976 fps + autocrop: 0/0/0/0 + chapters: + 1: duration 00:43:31 + audio tracks: + 1, Unknown (AC3) (5.1 ch) (384 kbps) (iso639-2: und), 48000Hz, 384000bps + subtitle tracks: [15:53:08] Starting work at: Mon Apr 6 15:53:08 2020 So the audio is there nut it's Unknown. Further on I see [15:53:08] json job: { "Audio": { "AudioList": [], "CopyMask": [ "copy:aac", "copy:ac3", "copy:dts", "copy:dtshd", "copy:eac3", "copy:truehd" ], "FallbackEncoder": "fdk_aac" } So I think the setup is all good. But then the audio is not copied through to the output file. It only happens intermittently, but I'm guessing HB is ignoring audio marked as "Unknown". I will go and check the Audio settings for track selection. Thanks dgs2001