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  1. Oh ok but thanks for the info
  2. thanks but this is only from the last restart. Iam looking for all ever entered commands.
  3. Hey Guys, i want to have a bash history to see my previus commands. But i didnt find any option for that. Did anyone know how to do that? Thanks
  4. 512 GB DDR3 ECC Ram in a DL560 Gen 8.... so got enough
  5. For me the same error but its doesent matter if i enter eth0 or br0...
  6. Hello Guys, i tried to setup a Gaming VM with my GTX 1070 from MSI. So i setup everything and do the MSI Patch for the sound. But i dont understand why iam getting only the 100% Cpu usage and power draw in benchmarks... in games Like Star Craft 2, Diablo 3 and so on i get only ~50 % of the performance which make Diablo playable and Star Craft not (there i have only 20 FPS playing on 1080p or 1440p dosent matter). I also put the Games into a RAM disk to test it but nothing changed. Maybe you can tell me what i do wrong. config.xml