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  1. Have an issue where all the plex user accounts have been deleted. The only user accounts that remain are manual ones that were created in Ombi. Has this happened to anyone else? Any fix to retrieve or should I just start from scratch and create new accounts in Ombi.
  2. @SpaceInvaderOne Question about what password is being used from your instructions. Since there are two rocketchat users (admin database & rocketchat database). What user are you referring to in the MONGO_URL & MONOGO_OPLOG_URL? I ask since the passwords can be different between the two rocketchat users created. use admin db.createUser({user: "root",pwd: "password",roles: [{ role: "root", db: "admin"}]}) db.createUser({user: "rocketchat",pwd: "password",roles: [{role: "readWrite", db: "local" }]}) use rocketchat db.createUser({user: "rocketchat",pwd: "password",roles: [{ role: "dbOwner",db: "rocketchat" }]}) MONGO_URL mongodb://rocketchat:password@yourIP:27017/rocketchat ROOT_URL https://rocketchat.yourdomain.com MONGO_OPLOG_URL mongodb://rocketchat:password@yourIP:27017/local?authSource=admin
  3. Mogo

    Smart Error

    I'm not an expert on bit rot, but correct me if I'm wrong (this is my understanding). - bit rot is real, however, it happens very rarely? - zfs I believe is supposed to protect against bit rot, I don't think Unraid supports this - I assume that if you have ecc ram in unraid and do a monthly parity check it will mitigate bit rot?
  4. Mogo

    Smart Error

    Thank you very much for the advice.
  5. Mogo

    Smart Error

    It's a seagate archive drive. Got it a long time ago when it was a really good price. I did run an extended test and it passed. Although I do not know if the report is saved anywhere.
  6. Mogo

    Smart Error

    Thanks for the analysis. Just so I can learn from this. What pointed you to that conclusion and why?
  7. Mogo

    Smart Error

    I don't think they need all that right? Anyways here is the smart log for the drive with the error. disk.txt
  8. Mogo

    Smart Error

    So one of my disks has a smart error. It shows a nice thumbs down on the dashboard screen. When I click on the drive this is what's highlighted. # ATTRIBUTE NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESHOLD TYPE UPDATED FAILED RAW VALUE 187 Reported uncorrect 0x0032 096 096 000 Old age Always Never 4 I ran a SMART short self-test and a SMART extended self-test and both passed. Do I need to be concerned? Anything else I should be doing?
  9. Just wanted to provide an update. I replaced the psu and so far the system has been running for almost 14 hours doing a parity check with the cover on the case. This is amazing. Fingers crossed since it hasn't been this stable in awhile. There are 3810 errors reported, but I believe that might be related to all the unclean shutdowns / server reboots over the last few weeks. Regardless of the outcome, I would like to thank everyone for their help and support.
  10. Wow I thought my cable management was bad. You make mine look professional lol, you weren't kidding about how yours was. Before I go and order a new psu, how do I test the current one and what should I be looking for?
  11. I just checked, I don't see anything bent or broken . I decided to replace the Noctua cpu cooler that was there with the stock intel cpu cooler. Temperatures actually went up to 48°C on memtest ( I guess all those cpu cooler reviews are true lol ). Alas the system rebooted after almost completing the first pass. Honestly, I'm out of ideas on what to do now. The only thing I haven't done is replace the psu. Can I ask what psu you are using?
  12. So I tested the LSI 9207-8i and had the same issue. I did some further tests. If anyone can think of something let me know. Running memtest from the unraid boot screen allows me to simulate the issue after awhile. I did the following scenarios. All the ones that passed completed 1 memtest pass which generally ran for 30 minutes to 2.5 hours (if i forgot and it was still running). For all the scenarios below the cpu temperature reported by memtest was between 28°C - 41°C. Memtest was run in multi-threaded mode and during test 2, memory errors actually showed up so I removed the 2nd stick of ram. No other memory errors were seen in any subsequent tests. Also the case cover was on for all tests. 1) 0 LSI cards installed & 0 backplanes connected - passed 2) 2x LSI 9207-8i installed & 3 backplanes connected - failed 3) LSI 9305-24i installed & 0 backplanes connected - passed 4) LSI 9305-24i installed & 1 backplane connected - passed 5) LSI 9305-24i installed & 2 backplanes connected - failed
  13. Well in the meantime since I could not get the server to run, I ordered what I believe is a LSI 9207-8i. When I get the card I will try running that with the Supermicro card I have and see if everything runs smoothly. If it does, then I can play around with the 9305 card and do what you suggest or perhaps ask LSI for a replacement if that's possible.
  14. What model LSI are you using? The 93xx or the 92xx? In my research since having this problem it was recommended on some forums to go with the 92xx since they apparently run a great deal cooler compared to the 93xx that runs hotter.
  15. Thanks, I will give that a try. I see what you are trying to do by creating a semi wind tunnel and then letting the hot air escape. Honestly I don't expect it to work in my situation (everything I try seems to fail), however, I'll try anything at this point.