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  1. @Jhp612 I believe I solved the issue with my P2200 card and asrock motherboard in general. Going through all my bios options I noticed that the Primary Graphics Adapter was set to pcie. I changed it to use the onboard vga and now the system will boot with the P2200 installed. I'm pretty sure that I had it at onbaord vga before. Perhaps my cmos battery is dying. I don't know but periodically the bios settings will revert back to default settings. Hopefully this helps you as well. On another note, I have an issue that's been reported in the general forum about the upgrade to 6.8.1. I get the line 164 error on unraid boot up for the nvidia 6.8.1 plugin. Since there seems to be no current solution, how can I go back to nvidia 6.8.0 plugin? I can only get into unraid when I boot in safe mode with no plugins. Thanks as always for any help.
  2. I'm having the same issue as reported by fainttrace. The only difference is that I upgraded to the nvidia 6.8.1 plugin. When I choose to launch safe mode with no plugins, unraid boots fine, otherwise I get that line 164 error.
  3. Then how did it work before on the nvidia 6.8.0 plugin? (Prior to going from nvidia plugin 6.8.0 to nvidia plugin 6.8.1, it booted with the video card in the system) I tested limetech 6.8.0 and nvidia plugin 6.8.0 when i rolled back. In both instances the server will not boot when the video card is in there now. I would assume that I would of had this issue from the very beginning when I installed the video card and not after the upgrade. Anyways if anyone has any other ideas about what could have happened, let me know. If not I will try a bios upgrade tomorrow.
  4. My motherboard is also an asrock. I didn't have much time today. I ran some tests and could not get it to boot with the P2200 even when I reverted back to the 6.8.0 nvidia plugin. For now the video card is not in the system. That's the only way I can get it to boot. My bios is quite old I think from 2016. Asrock has the latest one listed from 2018 ( there's 3-4 bios revisions). I'm thinking of trying to upgrade the bios. Don't know why nothing will work with the video card now. Currently I'm on 6.8.1 but from limetech.
  5. So saarg's comment about hardware issues got me thinking. I took the Quadro P2200 video card out of the system, now the system boots. Does that mean I need to revert back to 6.8.0 to use the graphics card? It was working before with the video card in the system prior to this update.
  6. I put the usb drive into the windows system and at fist it said there were issues do you want to fix etc.. after the scan was complete it said there were no errors found and windows was able to load the usb drive. I then copied the folder to my desktop like you mentioned as a backup. I also ran chkdsk from the command prompt and it came back with no errors. So I put the usb back into the system and it still is stuck on system initializing. Unfortunately the motherboard only has 4 usb 3.0 slots. I even tried to plug the usb drive into the case slots (not sure if those are 2.0/3.0) and that did not work either. Yes the system initializing is showing before unraid boot. It's the first thing that show's when the system is turned on. I guess I have to take the usb drive out and try and get into the bios? Since it won't even give me the option to enter the bios. If it's a hardware failure, how can a software update do that? Thanks noted for future. I've never had issues with unraid updates (os or otherwise). This last month it seems everything is breaking for me. I have to say that everyone on the forum have been very helpful.
  7. I'm going to say no. I had one of those ca plugins that did weekly backups, however, the folder it backs up to is a share on the array which I don't have access to now. I assume that ca plugin did a flash backup.
  8. I just upgraded to the 6.8.1 nvidia plugin from 6.8.0 nvidia plugin. Now the server will not boot. On the screen it keeps saying system initializing and stays like that forever. I tried a hard power off multiple times and even unplugged/turned off the power supply and the issue is the same. I really would appreciate any help since I do not know what else to do. Thanks.
  9. Been having this error for awhile (a few months actually). Can't seem to find any solutions, however, I've seen similar questions posted. Almost all torrents will now say Tracker Status: Error: Permission Denied. If the same torrent is loaded into another application it works fine. The odd torrent does work. The container path is /data with a host path of /mnt/user/d and in the actual application it has /data/c and /data/i for complete and incomplete respectively. Other that regular os/docker updates the settings haven't been changed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. @JT24, @alturismo, thanks for the info. I didn't know about turning IPv6 off or about assigning the appdata folder for plex to 1 drive. Krusader I have installed and didn't think about using it that way. Makes it much easier to navigate. When I look at the docker logs for plex it looks like how you have it, however, the database has to be corrupted if I have stuff unavailable. So I will try a db restore and see what happens.
  11. One last thing then. I'm going to try restoring from a database backup that plex does every 3 days. Unfortunately that last backup was a year ago. I figure this would save some work and is less time consuming than starting from scratch (As an aside I've read on the net that if the plex db backup's stop, it's probably due to database corruption). Anyways instructions say to stop plex and basically rename com.plexapp.plugins.library.db-2019-01-01 to com.plexapp.plugins.library.db. If I stop the plex docker then how to I do this, since I can't get into the docker?
  12. So i just checked the Plex docker paths and they are all setup as /mnt/user/xxx
  13. I heard something about that. I thought if the appdata folder resided on the cache drive you were ok? Which is how mine is. Would my solution be to remove the library from plex and then re-add it? trying to scan for new files doesn't seem to work.
  14. possible i was on 6.7 went to 6.8 and then nvidia 6.8 all within the last 2 weeks. This issue though could of happened before that or during the os upgrade window not sure.
  15. Hey folks I have a question about a library being unavailable. Using the lsio docker in unraid 6.8, not sure when this happened, however, the content for one of my libraries says unavailable. Permissions and paths etc..all match up and the files are still there are work through shares. It was fine before so not sure what's changed or how to fix it. Any ideas?