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  1. 20 hours ago, mgutt said:


    MODIFY /var/lib/docker/containers/ced93fa7c199b90a5414e103be9871a25cae5b8e3fdaab059b1517e34ad0150f/ ced93fa7c199b90a5414e103be9871a25cae5b8e3fdaab059b1517e34ad0150f-json.log

    Check in your Container Dashboard for a container ID (advanced view) starting with "ced93fa7". Which docker is it? Does it have a logging setting which you could disable?

    this is the binhex-krusader container. Everything is like in the stock template with the "--no-healthcheck" command.


    maybe someone other than me runs the binhex-krusader contain and have the same?