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  1. Initially the memtest kept failing so I tried it in other computers with no luck. I tried a completely different Windows pc to fresh install 6.8 on a USB and then memtest worked successfully. It booted fine into unraid safe mode so I copied over my config backup and so far everything seems good on 6.8, also no more green squares! I have no idea why but it seems neither of my mac book pros or my Windows 10 laptop are any good for making the USB. I tried with the tool and manually on each of them TLDR: 4th computer is the only one
  2. I've been running 6.7.2 mostly fine for some time now (apart from my plex sqlite db giving up every so often. I checked all the plugins, dockers etc for updates before proceeding with the update to 6.8.0 The server will no longer boot. I've tried restoring a backup from earlier today before the upgrade to the same USB with no luck (I've tried this with the tool on mac & windows, and manually) So far seems like my original USB (4gb hp) is dead which is fine, i have some others about. I've tried a couple of other USB
  3. If you restart, yes the list of completed items is maintained. I would assume it then doesn't try to re-encode them.
  4. I'm new to unraid and when booting the usb after the GUI/no GUI menu I get lots of green squares? The usb works fine on a different PC Edit: Server seems to boot okay even with the garbled output, I just left it for a while and I can access it over the network. Not too fussed on getting the green text fixed, 99% of the time there's no monitor connected