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  1. Yes. I do believe it relates to the daily backup, since Signal 15 is an reaction to kill command - I didn't solve it, but just asked SABNZBD not to send warnings (since it was only a warning). But it came in relation to upgrading UNRAID to 6.9.x, so maybe Unraid handles "kill()" differently.
  2. Just sabnzbd and sonarr and radarr.
  3. Signal 15 Caught, saving and exiting. Hi. After updating Unraid to 6.9.x (both 0 and 1) I get an Warning every night with the message "Signal 15 Caught, Saving and Exiting" I think it's related to the backup, but I never got it before 6.9 - Anyone else experiencing the same ? I am running latest available Docker Image.
  4. Thanks. It's my first crash in the 6 months I've run Unraid, so I hope it was a fluke. But nice to know.
  5. This evening I had an unprovoked crash on my Unraid 6.8 - I took an IPMI screenshot of the terminal, but after resetting the Unraid box, I can't find anything in the logs. It went totally unresponsive... Does anyone know if there is somewhere you can find more info than the "log" in admin. After reboot it started a parity-check on the array by itself.
  6. Big happy birthday. I'm right now building my first Unraid server - And nothing would make it more beautiful than the badge on front. If I don't win please point me in the direction where I can buy it :-)