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  1. Any solutions to this? I have this as well as dead connections to my indexers via Jackett. Sonarr works perfectly though.
  2. Not sure if my question got lost or it's just stupid. Where can I alter this 'watchdog-script'?
  3. One of my trackers has blocked port 6890. I can't seem to override the default port. Is that hardcoded into this app? I see when I launch the container I get a 'watchdog-script' output saying it sets the port to 6890.
  4. Yep that last one worked, thanks. Resulted in success :
  5. Thanks for the reply. Sorry I guess I'm dense, I don't understand. The unpackerr path is relative to sonarr not to my unraid file shares? Both directories are mounted to /mnt/user/downloads, but Sonarr calls it's container path /data and Unpackerr calls it /downloads. Which field is configured wrong?
  6. Log says there are no extractable files in the directory, but there are. Not really sure what is going on. Using same host directory as Sonarr/Radarr. Path in the logs appears to be correct. Log : Sonarr config : Unpackerr config : H Not sure what the red file name means. Maybe that's my problem?
  7. Thanks for this tool. I can't find docker-compose on my nerd tools. Am I crazy? What am I missing? https://imgur.com/a/I2o8T4N Thanks EDIT : It looks like maybe it was removed? Tracing back this thread, I installed python3, python-pip, python-setuptools and libffi and then went to console and pip3 install docker-compose and that seems to have installed it? Does this sound accurate?
  8. I have a Sandisk Cruzer Fit 16GB as well and ran into this issue. You might try formatting the USB with "Use default allocation size" as that worked for me.