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  1. For some reason over the past few weeks I notice that - DNS seems to stop working for a few minutes, then it starts working again. It's quite annoying as it will block certain websites for a while, then they start working again. Is there an issue with the latest update?
  2. Strange behaviour is still happening and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Over a few days an appdata folder is created in my Media share and it's labelled binhex-plexpass and as a result it is (something, god knows what) constantly being written or read to, then high CPU usage is then present. I then delete that appdata folder that gets magically created in my Media share and all goes back to normal. My Cache Drive is setup properly and i've never had this issue in the past it's only recently in the past couple of weeks it's started. My Cache drive settings are all exactly as it was from day one nothing's changed.
  3. Just a quick question, I am wanting to know how I can adjust my PWM fans on my AIO to coincide with CPU temp? It looks as though it’s tied to hard drive temp but I have very quite 140mm noctua fans running at 100% for my drives so they’re always cool. I am trying Auto Fan from Dynamix but I don’t think it’s working properly as in the fan speed does not increase with cpu temp. As you can see my AIO noctua fans are running in the 200rpm range lol. Is Auto Fan purely tied to HDD temp? And if so is there any plugin tha.t will make fans work via CPU TEMP? Or unRaid is not capable of this so I’m stuck with BIOS Q-fan instead?
  4. Right, so what do you propose I do to overcome this issue? Because as I said, if I leave the date as is in the BIOS (set by UTC) and set it to wake up at a set UTC time (which equates to 7am my time) it does not turn on. If I bring the date forward manually and do a test time to turn on half an hour later it turns on. I am going in my BIOS > APM > Power on by RTC (ENABLE) > RTC ALARM DAYS set to 0 for everyday > Hour 19 (which will be 7am my time) > Minute 0 > Seconds 0. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I've done that. The problem is that as I stated when it is Saturday morning here it is still Friday night for their timezone that is set by unRaid in the BIOS. Even though I do set it for say 19:00 the server does not turn on in the morning as the date is wrong between UTC timezone and mine. I feel that is the root cause of the problem here (could be wrong) but as I said this was working before it's only just recently that it's stopped working completely. For extra info. If I wake up at 7am my time, and I load up my server and go into the bios and set the time to 19:05pm (and set the date forward as it should be to the correct day for my timezone) and switch the server off as soon as 19:05pm hits (7:05am my time) the server turns itself on. In contrast if I leave the DAY alone for the UTC timezone that its set itself (which is like I said Friday evening there, Saturday morning here) soon as 19:05pm hits server doesn't turn on automatically.
  6. Correct. But is it not possible to have the date in the BIOS correspond with my local timezone? This was fine before not sure why it is giving me issues now? I understand it sets the BIOS to UTC and that's fine I can bypass that by setting it to turn the server on at 19h (7am AEST) but obviously the date is wrong it still thinks it is Friday when it is indeed Saturday morning. I am sure the date was fine for me in the past as my server did always turn on at 7am until only recently. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. Thanks @Frank1940 The bios time is 100% accurate (to the second) according to Time.is/London but obviously when it's 7am Saturday morning here in Australia, it is still 9pm Friday night there so the date in the bios doesn't adjust to this and stay's on Friday (until midnight UTC time obviously) It seems to be the main issue here as I said, if I manually change the date and then set the time for the server to turn on in the bios it does. Strange one lol
  8. So there is a problem with this 'system' from what I can tell. My server will no longer turn on via RTC and It looks like it is due to the date being wrong in my BIOS after unRaid shutdowns or reboots. Instead of it saying Saturday (but with UTC time) it says Friday. If I change it to today's date (1/02/20) and set the time for it to turn on from shutdown it does. So why is unRaid upon rebooting/shutting down change the day to what it is in the UK? From reading little what I could on this topic, it seems it should just change the bios clock to UTC but keep my Local date for this reason?
  9. TV Show folders are not being detected? What is wrong? filebot -script fn:amc --output "/home/user/downloads/deluge/LFTP" --def "movieFormat={fn =~ /2160p|4K|4k|UHD/ ? '4K Movies' : 'HD Movies'}/{n}/{fn}" --def "seriesFormat={fn =~ /2160p/ ? 'TV Shows 4K' : 'TV Shows'}/{n}/{episode.special ? 'Special' : 'Season '+s.pad(2)}/{n} - {episode.special ? 'S00E'+special.pad(2) : s00e00} - {hd} - {vc} - {vf} - {t.replaceAll(/[\`´‘’ʻ]/, /'/).replaceAll(/[!?.]+$/).replacePart(', Part \$1')}{'.'+lang}" --action hardlink -non-strict "/home/user/downloads/deluge/completed" --def excludeList=amc.txt
  10. Thanks for the reply, but I got this fixed I just added the known_hosts file to my config/ssh folder so now no longer need to manually accept SSH key then use LFTP, basically as you described. So all good thanks
  11. So after a little more research it looks like It's the linux based system that is reverting the BIOS clock to UTC automatically which I did not know it did that. That explains a lot then.
  12. So I’ve come across an annoyance that I have been trying to fix for a few days now. I noticed that my bios clock resets after every unRaid reboot. I set it to the correct time then I reboot and it looks like it changes to UTC time. I originally thought it was the battery but I changed that and it’s still doing it. I then rebooted with a monitor connected to my server and saw thus time (marked in yellow) So even though my unRaid Time & Date settings and NTP servers are correct it looks like it is changing my BIOS clock at will after any reboot, or power down. And then it turn it ruins my RTC which I use to turn my server on every morning at 7am. So, is there an actual fix for this? Surely there must be a way for my BIOS to keep my local GMT (AEST) Australian Eastern Standard Time as it should and not have unRaid change it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. But I’ve had it setup exactly like that since day one. I’m not entirely sure if it was the latest plex update or the latest unRaid update that did this. Looking at the media share where this new ‘appdata’ folder has been created it’s dated as today and around the same time I’ve updated unRaid. In saying that I did notice when I did update plex my plex server was “missing” and so had to create a new one which was very odd. Never had this happen before in nearly 12 months Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I don’t know what the hell happen but for some odd reason after updating to the latest binhex plex pass container it has created a appdata folder in my Media share when I’ve changed NOTHING and all i did was update the container. How do I fix this? It was all on my cache drive until this update Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Hi guys I have two of my AIO fans (3pin) connected to CHA_FAN1 and CHA_FAN2 the fans can be controlled but I am wondering which would be the correct option here?