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  1. This gives me hits, but the one I have installed is missing, that is why am I wondering has the one I posted been pulled and replaced with the official one?
  2. I need to run delugetracker.sh so it can auto announce/update every 2 seconds for a certain tracker, I load it up on my unRaid server point it to the right directory but it doesn't work? Knowledge base delugetracker.sh The link above is what I am trying to do, but it doesnt work. Any idea?
  3. Am I able to access binhex-plex remotely at all? If so is there a how-to on getting that setup?
  4. Haha i know right. I didn't even think it could be the HDMI cable and something just clicked to me that said hang on might be the cable that can't output HDR to a 4K res. Simple fix in the end but wish I saw this before i got more grey hair 😋
  5. So this is embarrassing. The issue was the HDMI cable is not a HDMI 2.1 or (2.0 i believe) hence I was losing signal. Tested with a known HDMI 2.1 cable and viola! Picture. I been ripping my hair out over this for days thinking something in my VM or an issue with GPU passthrough has been happening but nope. Just my idiocy lol.
  6. I've got my Win10 VM working (finally) with GPU passthrough, but I am finding that on the odd occasion that I will lose HDMI signal and nothing I do will get it back (even a server reboot) For instance when I turned on HDR in Windows the screen went black but then I get shown a No signal message. I got a HDMI cable connected to my LG C9 OLED - and works brilliantly when it does but its just this niggling issue that is hampering my experience. Logs do not show any faults either on the VM/Server side. Is this something that is a common occurrence? Anyone know of a fix?
  7. How relevant is Post #1 in 2022 on 6.9.2 though? I'm just curious as I got all cores/threads checked for my 5950X and dont see any kind of performance issues?
  8. If I passthrough my GPU to a Windows VM - does that deem the GPU Statistics in the unRaid GUI no in use?
  9. Same problem. Did you happen to fix this?
  10. Thanks for the responses @ich777 under transcoding conditions i expect the GPU fans to ramp up, but this is when the card is just sitting in a IDLE state and not being used by anything. I tried nvidia-persistenced just now and it looks like it did not do anything. So I am guessing you'd be right that its something nvidia put in the vBios
  11. I had a spare 3060 Ti laying around so thought i'd throw it in my unraid server. NVIDIA-Plugin installed no problem and working brilliantly for my transcoding. But I am noticing that the fans ramp up to 92% speed around every 30-60 seconds (or so) Is there a way to prevent that and have the fans sit idle if the GPU is doing nothing?
  12. Hi guys got a quick one. I currentl have a dedicated streaming PC which I would like to simplify my setup and get my dedicated streaming PC run of a Windows VM on my unRaid box. Is it possible to assign say all cores to the VM? Or does unraid need at least 1 core?
  13. I think I may have fixed it. I used the command /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx start and it threw some errors. I then deleted the SSL folder from my /config folder on my flash drive and low and behold I was able to log in. Albeit my password was missing for my login but everything seems to be working. Oddly I did see a isos and domain share come up all of a sudden for some reason not sure why. But, so far it seems all is well. I will keep an eye on it and if all is good after a few reboots I will mark this as solved.
  14. Hi guys, Have had an issue arise recently and not sure what is going on. But I am unable to get into my GUI. I get greeted with the unable to reach screen and that's it. [snip] I am able to SSH into it, and all of my shares are accessible in Windows. I am just not able to get into the Web GUI. I tried to delete the network.cfg but no change. It's frustrating as I haven't had this issue before and not sure what else I can do. unraidserver-diagnostics-20220313-0949.zip ***EDIT Now for some reason it saying my SSH password is wrong, so I cant SSH into it, Safe Mode is showing Cannot Connect. But all my shares are still accessible via Windows