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  1. Thanks for the response @nimaim - I'll try and get my hands on a LSI card
  2. Thanks @Frank1940 - I am in South Africa and prices for these items are rather expensive when you add in shipping etc. I will have a look around but was hoping someone on the forum tested this card as it's included on the supported list that I saw. Maybe I can also test it to see if it picks up my drives with virtualization enabled?
  3. Hi, Can anyone confirm if this card now works (with virtualization enabled etc.) IO Crest 4 port SATA Card with Marvell 88SE9215 I currently have it but it's not installed yet - don't want to run into any issues on my server...
  4. Perfect thanks looking good so far Thanks @civic95man and @johnnie.black
  5. Thanks guys I've swapped out some cables and rebuilt the cache pool - are you able to let me know if the diagnostics look OK? I've been through them and I can't see any issues. Also did a scrub and file system check... all good! and parity check finished Going to migrate appdata and system shares back to the cache after a confirmation server-unraid-diagnostics-20200418-1555.zip
  6. Yeah I'm starting to realise how important good quality hardware is right now! Unfortunately I managed to break the cache pool - after swapping power and data cables I thought the cache2 drive might be faulty so pulled it out and tried to boot with just cache1 and that didn't go too well (think my mistake was reducing the drive count in the cache pool to 1 and then starting the array). What I ended up doing last night is the following: Formatted the cache1 disk and restoring appdata from my backup Plugged cache2 disk into my Windows 10 PC and ran chkdsk and SMART scan
  7. Ah I see - learning tons here I did a scrub on the cache pool and it gave me this which I forgot to mention in my previous message It's doing a parity check now so I will swap out the cable after and hopefully that along with the other changes I've done (with your help) will solve the issue of hanging thanks
  8. Thanks I had 1 docker that was set to use a custom IP on br0 and I've changed it to Bridge mode now. I've also resolved the syslog issue and I can see files being saved in my Syslog share that I created. Are you able to let me know which device is causing these errors (ata4?)... is this cache2?: Diagnostics attached again. Thank you for assisting me with this server-unraid-diagnostics-20200417-1924.zip
  9. Thanks @civic95man - I've reverted to the official unraid build and replaced the cable on cache drive 2 (UDMA CRC Error Count is remaining at 1 and not increasing which is a good thing right? I can't seem to scan this drive for errors as it's in a cache pool and I can only scan the 1st drive) I have also done the following: Changed the direction of my CPU cooler - temps have dropped Added in an additional fan on the other side of my drives for push/pull config which seems to have made a difference to temp Attached new diagnostics - are you able to let me know if
  10. Hi all, I've recently started experiencing strange issues where my server would randomly hang and I have to shut it down (basically by pulling out the power) and then start it back up and I've been trying to figure out why. The last time this happened I had to format my cache pool and restore appdata thankfully @johnnie.black helped me with that. I've just experienced another server hang and have had to do forcefully shut the server down and restart it. I managed to capture what was on the screen at the time which I've attached along with my diagnostics. Cu
  11. Looks like my appdata folder is corrupt so restoring from backup and busy testing docker containers. Not a big deal! Everything else looks good Thanks @johnnie.black I really appreciate all the help on this
  12. Ok I have moved both SSDs to my main motherboard controller (not the PCI-E card) and have run that command and formatted the cache pool. Seems like it's fine and busy copying data back on to it. Will try and start up the docker service after this... hope I didn't break anything (wow this is stressful) Thanks for all the help @johnnie.black. I will let you know if I run into any issues
  13. Thanks Johnnie - I am trying to do this but for the life of me can't figure it out and don't want to break things further. Will this work: Stop the array Remove both cache disks from the cache pool (from the "Main" screen) Use unassigned devices plugin to delete the partitions on both cache disks Add them back in and hopefully format?
  14. Sorry just read the readme for this forum and realise that I'm missing some info Unraid Version: 6.8.3 with Nvidia drivers I've got 2 500GB SSD drives in the cache pool and 5 SATA drives in the normal array. I am running an ASROCK motherboard with 4 ports and am using the external SATA connector for a 5th port. I then have a mini pci-e card for 2 more SATA ports All I've done so far is try to run the mover to copy data off the cache without success (along with a few reboots to get write working again - it works but then stops when I think it hits the Plex appdata f
  15. Hi, I had to hard reset my server as it was hanging and now my cache pool seems to be corrupt - it goes into read only mode Here is the disk info after a check: I've attached my server diagnostics as well. Do I need to format the cache pool? If so, how do I do this with a cache pool? I've copied off everything I need from the pool and have backups from last night of appdata, system shares server-unraid-diagnostics-20200414-1601.zip