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  1. Damn, I think I have links..... this needs some working around.
  2. Hi, I'm suffering the same problem, I upgraded to 6.8 and now nfs seems to have stopped (using it as a backup destination for a seperate proxmox server) my logs were full of connection spam from the proxmox server so I restarted the array. I don't appear to get a refused mount etc.
  3. Thank you sir, you are a god amongst us mere mortals. Disappointing in Code42 just throws that out and doesn't fix it, we can't be the only people in the world using custom keys.
  4. Hi, I installed the container using the app install (having migrated from the old home plug-in that stopped working last week.) it starts up but whenever I try and click on the "replace existing" option to adopt the backup it just goes back to the first screen after login. Running UR 6.6.0 Edit- I've tried the inbuilt console on Firefox and Chrome and VNC direct.
  5. Yeah it's connected via a 2 port USB caddy, it's interesting as I've had large disks in there before but not on the NAS before and honestly can't remember if I'd tried a disk this big before, all the SATA ports are in use, as these disks were purchased to be upgrades / spares and I was planning on preclearing them before putting them in the cupboard for when the oldest disks die. Sorry, you are right, I've been using it that long I forgot that it wasn't a native 6 tool.
  6. Just acquired 3TB disks but preclear disk only sees them as 806G, anyone got any insights? Wondering if it's coz they are in external caddy (no free interfaces, these disks are for upgrades / future spare replacements.. Title Information Model family: Toshiba 3.5" MG03ACAxxx(Y) Enterprise HDD Device model: TOSHIBA MG03ACA300 Serial number: 25FEKEVKF LU WWN device id: 5 000039 61bd81414 Firmware version: FL1A User capacity: 3,000,592,982,016 bytes [3.00 TB] Sector size: 512 bytes logical/physical Rotation rate: 7200 rpm Form factor: 3.5 inches Device: In smartctl database [for details use: -P show] ATA version: ATA8-ACS (minor revision not indicated) SATA version: SATA 3.0, 6.0 Gb/s (current: 1.5 Gb/s) Local time: Tue Feb 21 19:50:34 2017 GMT SMART support: Available - device has SMART capability. SMART support: Enabled SMART overall-health: Passed
  7. Can you mount the NAS in unraid as a UD SMB mount then pass that over to crashplan running on the unraid server itself?
  8. Tell me about it, a couple of week ago I had to rebuild couch potato for what seems like the 20th time after the DB got corrupted AGAIN after an updated (apparently DB corruption is an issue with it anyhow before you factor in running it as a docker on unraid )
  9. Thanks for the idea! Yes, it seems it was that! After adding more RAM to Crashplan it seems to work fine again! Thank you!! My pleasure, I've got 10+ years of DSLR photos covering several TB and I hit the Java memory thing long ago (actually before migrating over to docker). Not wanting to be THAT guy but have you tried removing the container and the appdata files and just starting the config from scratch? you can adopt the old PC from the cloud and it will pick up from where it left off so it not a total loss (again you probably knew but I was just covering bases)
  10. Stupid question, I've had an issue in the past where connecting by IP instead of hostname worked, just try that and see if it works for you.
  11. Or if you want the VM data to be stored on the array put it onto a share that doesn't use the cache disk, but your write speeds will suffer.
  12. How big are your backup sets? Default is set to a Gig of ram which as a rule of thumb gives about 1TB backups / 1m files.
  13. What does windows say when you try and get to a samba share?
  14. Just an update, it would appear to have been the snmp on unmenu (even though it wasn't configured) - Thank you Trurl for your help, you seem to have solved it.