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  1. Unfortunately no i tried everything I am going have to try another dongle. I did have an asus pci card that had both wifi and Bluetooth that worked for Bluetooth but not wifi which is fine but I wanted a usb one so I wouldn't loose a pci slot Cheers Taza
  2. Hey thanks for that. No unassigned devices currently. Last was my mates drives. How do I stop the log? Ill fix trim up tonight and look into why it was over heating. Its water cooler too. I'm guessing from multi transcodes from plex Thanks so much Taz
  3. Hey guys i am gaving this issue and not sure what it is or what to do I've uploaded syslogs also Cheers tazserver-syslog-20200622-0114.zip
  4. hi guys i just got a simplecom NB409 usb 5.0 Bluetooth dongle and unraid is happy to pass it thru to the Windows 10 VM. i install the drivers and i keep getting the yellow triangle with code 43 with the installed driver. i have downloaded the latest drivers from simplecom website. i have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers a few times with no luck. cheers Taz
  5. Hey Frank1940 Thanks so much for that awesome write up. I didn't know that tho 2 files were the scan. Will delete. I ended up resetting bios and removing the gpu gpu and it booted to unraid surprisingly. I shut down and reinstalled gpu and rebooted and it was happy to go to first option. Had a few issues with the vm but I deleted it and recreated it and so far it is stable. Thank you so for your help Taz
  6. Is there a way to put config file back to factory? What damage can I cause?
  7. Ok copied all new BZ** rebooted same issue cant boot to unraid but will in gui mode Taz
  8. Ohh sorry about that mate. Which one of these do i replace? Sorry to be a pain still quite new to this
  9. Hey ill do a chkdsk on that. Sorry what do you mean with the quoted part? I can boot to GUI mode currently. Cheers Taz
  10. hey guys I have been unraid last 6 months with out an issue. I swapped my system to a new case and added new drive. With first boot from doing that i booted to gui mode and did preclear and format and all green. Only issue was a vm that had pci controller in prior and isn't at the moment. After shut down to boot up in just unraid it does first ok then it just reboots Cheers Taz
  11. hey mate thanks for your reply could you point me in the right direction to what i need which link didnt work? Cheers Taza
  12. or would i be better off using a no raid unit like this one https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Hard-Drives-&-SSDs/Enclosures/38789-HF2-SU3S2?gclid=CjwKCAjw5Ij2BRBdEiwA0Frc9QMO1NqP3rxg_etkQ5OFz7UObHpvQV16DDgwuTX4KBsI8RU574tAIBoCAXYQAvD_BwE hope im in the right direction Taza
  13. Hey there people like everyone else i am running out of sata ports on my MB. i am looking at this pci-e card - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/StarTech-PEXESAT32-2-Port-SATA-6-Gbps-PCI-Express-eSATA-Controller-Card/143329654338 and this enclosure - https://www.pccasegear.com/products/15116/hotway-4-bay-raid-usb3.0/esata-enclosure would i use the the RAID 0 (spanning) (JBOD) mode? thanks for all your help Taza
  14. I love the ease of the setup process especially for a noob like me. I can't think of anything to add that others haven't said already
  15. Hey guys is there List of Nvidia GPU's working with out any modifications? Im running unraid 6.7.2 I cant get my gtx 670 oc to work at all with passthru. Im looking dor a decent gpu ie gtx 1070/1080/Ti cards. This is for gameing in WIN10 VM So just wondering if any one can list what they have that worked when just pugged in. Cheers
  16. cheers Reboot done. went run scan again this time came back with no errors... weird... here is a screen shot of the dockers tab
  17. ok after clicking diagnosis then down load it opens a new page and nothing happens see image also now the array is going from started to undefined??? Cheers
  18. i downloaded it but trying to find where it saved to atm lol
  19. sorry didnt realise i typo'd i have 1x 10TB parity, 1x 6TB, 1x 4TB, 1x 2TB for array and 1 480GB Cache Cheers Taza