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I rolled back to 6.9.2 now issues with internet connection

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I have had to roll back to version 6.9.2 from 6.11.5 due to code 43 with my graphics card. but since rolling back now can't get community apps to connect to internet, dockers have no internet but I can access plex remotely fine, and vm has no internet either can't access any shares. But I can connect to unraid remotely without an issue


Since rolling back I did remove SSL Certificate via this command 


rm /boot/config/ssl/certs/certificate_bundle.pem


I have attached my diagnostic report


Thanks for your help



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hey so i have digged a bit deeper i have full access to the to unraid from outside. since rolling back it seems to be how unraid issues or handles virtual NICs.  it also could be the SSL certificate that had to be removed after rolling back. 


i am stuck in how to fix



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16 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Try deleting/renaming /boot/config/network.cfg then reboot, it will go back to default settings using DHCP, then see if it can get an IP address from the router.

i feel doing this wont fix anything internally as i still can access unraid remotely and ples still works



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14 minutes ago, Squid said:

You can also try setting static DNS addresses (I'm a fan of and instead of pointing the DNS to the router's IP address

ok so where do i enter these a bit of a guide would help. its  all just worked before having to roll it back

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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

Also test after disabling the docker service, to see if it's an issue with docker networks.


by disabling docker what am i looking for as i said very new to this

its anything internally has lost internet access like plex pulling movie info or vm having internet access or community apps accessing the internet


but i can stream to people with plex and access the webui and can access Tautulli via web ui

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You can also try setting static DNS addresses (I'm a fan of and instead of pointing the DNS to the router's IP address
I updated dns to these still no internet internally

Are these settings ment to be set to these at all?

Screenshot_20221212_082111_Samsung Internet.jpg

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