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  1. today i was on my unRaid Server remotly and everything worked fine. in the upper right corner i saw, i wasnt logged in?! (but was before last time i was on my server a few days ago) without thinking alot about that i just signed in and now my Server is listet offline and i cant reach it anymore from here at work. i´m on RC2
  2. And you can Access VM´s via VNC ✌️ Right now i´m at work and access my VM at home. So i can open my Dockers and files from there
  3. thats the reason i gave my mx500 back and bought an Samsung 870 evo plus. i dont like to deactivate SMART checks.. yes it is a false alarm on this SSD normaly, but what is if there is a real error of this kind on an MX500, you wouldnt notice it. just my 2 cents.
  4. Hey @ljm42 My Unraid Server is on the newest Version 6.9.2 i have a similar issue, my dns ist set to my old ip but i changed it to now i´m stuck with the same issue, so my ip cant be resolved, and i already waitet for the dns to get updated with no luck:
  5. Hey Guys, nice work from everyone contributing! would Love to see the Silverstone GD08 & GD07 thanks
  6. Thanks! now i´m thinking about getting the non T model, because most of the time its in idle and has the same power consumption (up to 10% CPU usage its the same) but more Power if needed.
  7. Hey Guys, i dont know which CPU suits my needings the most.. i want to build a new NAS. My existing one is a QNAP ts253pro with a dual Core Celeron. It struggles with movie transcoding (example from yesterday: 1080p MakeMKV 1080p BluRay Ripp in VC1 transcoded to h264). Only need it as HomeShare, Emby Server & Cloud Server and it should be as powerefficient as possible (up to 35W TDP Class CPU´s max) Would you go with an Intel Atom C3758 8Core 2,2Ghz 25watt TDP (no HT, no iGPU/QuickSync Support) <--embedded Or Intel I3 9100t 4Core 3,1Ghz(3,7Ghz max Turbo) 35watt TDP (no HT, with iGPU/QuickSync Support) Comparison Link Or do you suggest another CPU Thanks