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  1. I ended up just editing the temp threshholds for all disks under the disk array settings and that works. Not ideal as only certain drives need set, but keeps me from getting push notifications constantly for the drives that run hotter 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. I'm still unable to change my temps and have updated to 6.9.2
  3. @bonienl @trurl So I figured out what my issue was. I had been routing a container through another to utilize the vpn of the host container, but it was not working and I had removed the vpn container. What I didn't do however was stop the container I was attempting to route through it, and so it was attempting to "rebuild" the remaining container constantly. I was able to stop that container and turn off auto start on it so it was no longer trying to rebuild and the "loading animation" went away.
  4. I too am having similiar, if not THEE same issue as OP. Ill post my diags willingly lol. Also including a screenshot for what its worth, it just shows the "Unraid Loading" icon in the center of the screen. Also noticed that any dockers i have autostart set to on, they toggle on and off for a split second as well. Already tried/ensured all plugins were up to date. tower-diagnostics-20210403-2151.zip
  5. This is very interesting... I'm on much older hardware, an i7 3770 and a gigabyte ga-h77-ds3h mobo, I went to add a second lsi hba 9210-8i card and started experiencing similar issues. Constant boot looping. Went so far as replacing my ram and psu (after loads of testing to lead me to believe these issues were plausible without any hba cards in) and now I'm to the point of, it instantly powers off without even making it to the bios screen..
  6. Correct, I tried downloading packages for: netherlands, CA_montreal, CA_toronto, and a couple others to no avail. The client.ovpn file is an ovpn file I managed to find in my backups that I had saved and decided to give it a go since it was known working with that prior.
  7. seems to still be happening, even though ive updated both endpoints to several new ones, and a new .ovpn file supervisord_01_17_2021_Censored.log
  8. My apologies, here is the full supervisord: supervisord_01_16_2021.log
  9. Been having some issues the past 5 days or so not being able to connect to deluge webui. Verified i was on the ``latest`` branch also tried reinstalling deluge to no avail. Believe it has something to do with this bit of the supervisord log, with openvpn updating to 2.5.0? Im using mullvad vpn fwiw... deluge_supervisord_censored_snippet
  10. Did you try adding " ... .1:8080/web/ " To the end? Or whatever your ip:port may be? @Simon Forest
  11. When you do this in my experience, being able to click on the program in your docker tab and go to webui, will no longer work. Instead, you will have to verify that is is indeed running, and then open a new browser tab and navigate to your server ip, and then the port of the program in question(VNC) EX: The example I just made, is how I access one of the dockers I have setup this way, but I believe that should get you close enough to be able to figure out what you're trying to do.
  12. Yes, I was already inside the case and double checked everything, I meant to try swapping the connector to another drive but totally forgot to. As far as notifications go, what would be the simplest solution? I tried dabbling with that ages ago, but whatever I tried hasn't notified me of anything so it's not working as intended lol. To be honest, I usually set it and forget it with everything on this server and only normally check on it once a week or so 😬
  13. So the cable in question, is one of those daisy chained cables coming from my LSI HBA card, i would need to replace the entire cable then to remedy this, correct?
  14. Where exactly do you look to see that, that is the issue? For my learning advancement, if you wouldn't mind sharing? And where would I check for the "CRC_UDMA" errors? Also, not sure if here was the appropriate place to post or not?
  15. Woke up to a unraid error showing "Disk 7 in error state (disk dsbl)" I Belive i got this drive end of 2019? one of my 8tb so kind of sad if its dead :( Attached my Diagnostics File as i believe thats the appropriate course of action? tower-diagnostics-20200718-0815.zip