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  1. Not that I want to hijack another thread - but I'm seeing something weird with mover/cache. It's just magically filling up, I don't have a degree in mathematics, but I'm pretty sure those numbers don't add up:
  2. Apologies if this has been mentioned, I saw this the other day - wondering if anyone has tried this to generate the EFI boot:
  3. If y'all haven't already I would setup TimeMachine to a different box. I've had to restore twice already!
  4. I'm surprised theres not a community plugin for this. Seems like it would be fairly popular?
  5. Yeah deffo an osx-amd incompatability, as I basically had that minus one flag. Guessing HAXM and Virtual box only look for vxm inside OSx and not SVM. Wondering if it would be possible to mod OSx to accept AMD cpu and pass through the AMD cpu: Wonder if that would at least let VirtualBox see the AMD VT flags?
  6. I had to switch from the VMXNET3 to e1000 because for some strange reason, osx would steal and lockup the NIC, with the e1000 it seems fine. So hopefully if anyone else see's OSx kill your network, try changing to e1000-82545em, no idea why, but much more solid now I'm using that... Edit: FYI I'm on Catalina and Unraid 6.8.3
  7. Happy to create another topic if too unrelated - is there any (noticable) difference when running VM's on a single disk in the array vs running single disk in the cache (I'm basically trying to get the fastest io possible for the VM base drives)
  8. Are you able to post your config? I don't think VMX is supported by AMD? Only SVM - so yeah would require some sort of emulation I'm guessing? Would be happy to use VirtualBox and Genymotion thats less picky, but couldn't get that working either even with SVM passthrough...
  9. Thanks for your insight on the topic of improving performance, my vm is racing right now, the only thing I can't seem to get to work is nested virtualization, but I think I'm resigning to the fact that's because I have a AMD cpu so OSx only looks for Intel VT-x not AMD-VT? I've added svm cpu flags, but doesn't seem to help. Anyone got nested virtualization working at all? Let alone with an AMD CPU? Edit: Normally wouldn't care, you know unraid having VM support, but for Android Emulators they only support VirtualBox and Haxm, I can use a usb device of course in the mean
  10. Thanks for this, kinda weird how you have to do this to "undisable" a parity disk. Thought there would be "rebuild" array without having to remove and add devices.
  11. I've heard other people mention theres a patch for the kernal that fixes the issue, is that part of 6.8.x or is that still manually required to fix. Or is there a bios fix with this yet! It's been a very long time now - surprised this hasn't been addressed by AMD yet!