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  1. I guess I am confused. Don't your instructions show to use a custom network? How do we use "host" if that is the right way to do it?
  2. Why? Why don't you guys just fix it instead of making it more difficult?
  3. This is the fix (I had the same issue). Stop all your dockers. Go to settings > dockers > enable "no" Wait for that to turn off Change "Host access to custom networks:" to off. Apply Change "Host access to custom networks:" to On. Apply Turn docker back on, try again.
  4. Can you update the instructions without the MariaDB piece? Not getting this to actually work with my hosts, getting a 502 Bad Gateway openresty error. Had it working fine previously with the other NPM Docker. edit: Fixed it, for some reason my dockers were not talking to each other, had to disable then reenable the setting under Docker.
  5. Thanks! this is helpful, I didnt think of using unraid terminal. It does show up under search dockerhub but nothing comes over.
  6. Hi All, Can anyone help a newbie with how to install the mad max plotter docker in unraid? Specifically, where do I put all these variables? docker run \ -v <path-to-your-tmp-dir>:/mnt/harvester \ -v <path-to-your-final-dir>:/mnt/farm \ -m 8G \ --cpus 8 \ odelucca/chia-plotter \ -t /mnt/harvester/ \ -d /mnt/farm/ \ -p <pool-key> \ -f <farm-key> \ -r 8 A screen shot of how to do it on the docker page would be super helpful. I tried pulling the template from docker hub but it doesn't pre fill anything for me.
  7. Hoping to get some help. I have this message spamming my log pretty regularly. I have some other issues happening with freezing, not sure if it is related or not. Can someone give any guidance on how to solve? I googled but could not find anything similar. Jun 16 09:11:09 Tower nginx: 2021/06/16 09:11:09 [error] 14021#14021: SUB:WEBSOCKET:invalid websocket close status code 22373
  8. I already have this enabled and Nginx still only listens on port 8080 (needing it to listen on port 80). Did you do anything else to get it to work?
  9. This tool is there for convenience. I am just asking for one feature that I think would be a good one to add. Thanks for the lecture though.
  10. Yes, I am aware of the risks, but would like the option within the scheduler to be able to do it.
  11. Thank you for letting me know it isn't anything on my side. I would like the option to immediately pause an unscheduled parity check and follow the schedule, but understand your reasoning for not having it.
  12. Hi, love the plugin, thank you. I have an issue where if I have an unclean shutdown and and unscheduled parity check starts, it does not pause unless I pause it or until the designated time to pause it occurs. For example, if I have an unclean shutdown at 18:00, the server will boot back up and the parity check will run until 05:30 when I have it pause, but parity checks should only be happening from 01:15-5:30 causing the parity check to run during prime time. Any ideas how to solve it?
  13. 1. I love how easy docker is to utilize Plex and such 2. would love an easier way to migrate data from FreeNAS
  14. Still isn't working for me. Added it to full disk access.