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  1. Hello, I’m about 10 days into my trial, I only had a couple of unresolved issues with configuration left to fix and was almost ready to buy my mid tier license, but had to return my motherboard and cant get a replacement for 2-3 weeks as it has to be ordered in from overseas. If my trial expires before I’ve rebuilt my server, can it be resurrected on the new hardware? Or will I need to do a fresh install of everything as it will be a different brand of motherboard? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Just heard back from Asus, the P11C-I does not support wake on LAN. Seems an odd thing to leave out on a mini itx server board that has a lot of different sleep settings, but no way to wake it up. I think I will return it and get the Supermicro.
  3. Thanks for the replies, it would seem that the PCIE wake up is what I need to enable. I will give it a go later.
  4. Cheers, I'll give it a go in the morning, thanks again for the help 👍
  5. Thanks for taking the time to help, much appreciated! No, I don't really know any command line stuff yet, but am willing to learn. I've not seen midnight commander, I see a Terminal button at the top right?
  6. No the weird command prompt was from Firefox. I have both open, I really don't like Firefox, so just use it for what doesn't work on safari.
  7. I just opened it and it said that as the prompt. I just opened it and that was the prompt, I have just opened it again and it was root@unraid, so I'm not sure what that was. Two screenshots of the other things you asked for. Thanks.
  8. Thanks again. The array is started and nope, I haven't done anything else, other than reinstalled crusader. Do you mean the command line on the server itself rather than from in the webUI? The above was from the web command line, I'll do it the other way, sorry, I'm learning!
  9. Thanks. It's an Asus server board, but there's no WOL setting in the BIOS, oddly enough, I've been through it a few times looking, there's nothing in the online manual relating to WOL or wake on lan, the only things related to waking up are for PCIE. I found an article to enable it on my router and also this https://wiki.unraid.net/Setup_Sleep_(S3)_and_Wake_on_Lan_(WOL) But nothing for the BIOS on my board, unfortunately. I'll email Asus and see if they know.
  10. sh-5.0# ls -lah /mnt/cache/system ls: cannot access '/mnt/cache/system': No such file or directory sh-5.0# ls -lah /mnt/disk1/system ls: cannot access '/mnt/disk1/system': No such file or directory sh-5.0# ls -lah /mnt/disk2/system ls: cannot access '/mnt/disk2/system': No such file or directory sh-5.0#
  11. Thanks, I've done what you said. I don't have any VMs as yet, but I did plan on a simple win 10 one once I fix the few outstanding issues I have. Does this look better now then? unraid-diagnostics-20191130-2048.zip
  12. Thanks for the reply. Here's an updated diagnostics, I changed a lot of stuff since the last one and the cache seems to be working well now, but I will do what you said, if I haven't already. Would this affect the S3 sleep? unraid-diagnostics-20191130-1719.zip
  13. I'm also having trouble with the S3 plugin. I have posted elsewhere on here but nobody has helped me out. I want my server to sleep when not in use, fans spun down, drives spun down, but can be woken up by a computer or device trying to access the server. Is the S3 plugin what I need? If I enable it, it does indeed put the server to sleep, but it will not wake up again and is completely unresponsive. The fans are spinning very slowly and it sounds like the drives are spun down, but nothing wakes it up, keyboard presses, mouse movement, there's no web guide access and the screen for the server is blank. I have to keep the power button pressed to get it to even power off. This only happens with the S3 plugin enabled. The S3 states and enhanced states are enabled in my BIOS. I can do screenshots if required? Sorry if these are obvious questions and problems, but I'm new to Unraid/linux etc. Specs are: Unraid 6.7.2 S3 Plugin 3.0.6 i3 9100F Asus P11C-I board 16GB 2400Mhz ECC 3x Ironwolf 4TB\1x 4TB Barracuda 512GB 970 Pro NVMe drive Kingston data traveller 16GB Any help, much appreciated, thanks.
  14. Managed to fix a couple of things. The different file and folder sizes seems to be from deleted files on external drives that have not been emptied from the recycle bin on the Mac properly. I had been deleting duplicates and files and folders that were no longer needed. It seems to think that the files are still there and attempts to send them to the Unraid array, but at the end of the transfer, it says, could not find "name of the file" "no such file" or something along those lines. The fix seems to be, before sending large folders (500+GB) to the Unraid array, empty the recycle bin and reboot the Mac. Hopefully that helps someone else. Thanks to Truro for suggesting trying a different browser. The Krusader blank screen problem seems to be related to Safari as it works with Firefox. Hopefully the Safari side of things can be fixed for those of us that use Safari? Regarding the slow transfers, it seems as though my btrfs cache disk was not functioning correctly and there were 110GB of files stuck there and the mover did not shift them, I did some googling and it seems that people describe btrfs as sometimes being a bit brittle, it only lasted a few minutes for me before breaking, I'm not sure why. I deleted the cache by reformatting the cache drive with xfs. No idea if this is suitable long term, but it seems to work well at the moment as I can now get 110mb/sec into the array from my Mac. The S3 sleep thing is still broken for me. Can anyone help with this please? Anyone for the S3 thing?