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  1. Thanks! It's been so long since I edited anything, it wasn't clicking in my brain. The environmental variable threw me off.
  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm trying to get the scheduler to run properly in Rutorrent and have been having some problems with the start time. I did some searching and found out I needed to set the timezone to my area. I edited the php.ini and got it to work for a day but the setting is not sticking. I did some further searching and found this. "If you do not define the PHP timezone you may see issues with the ruTorrent Scheduler plugin, please make sure you set the PHP timezone by specifying this using the environment variable PHP_TZ. Valid timezone values can be foun
  3. It looks like I've got this same sqlite database corruption. Unfortunately I have my appdata backups set to delete daily so restoring didn't solve the problem since it's been going on for a few days. I'm trying to follow what you have written here to recreate but I don't see a /config anywhere. Do you mean the appdata folder? Will the nzbdrone backup in the appdata folder help at all? I do have a few weeks of that. I'd like to minimize recreating my settings as much as possible. Edit: I messed up something with my database trying some fixes and had to rebuild from scratch. Still cu
  4. I did read the instructions multiple times and still couldn't get it to work. The problem I was having seemed to be the same one I had already seen being asked but not answered clearly to me so why post the same thing? I had other dockers I was setting up and rutorrent doing the extracting so I wasn't in a hurry. I figured someone would come along with a solution I could grasp sooner or later or I would delete it and live life without it.
  5. Thanks a lot for posting your screenshots. They really helped me getting this to work even though my folders are different I was able to connect the dots with the visuals. I had been fighting this thing for over a week and was about ready to give up but it seems to be working now. The host path not being present or shown as needed really threw me off. I'm still pretty new to unraid and linux in general and am finding that most of these dockers are set up for people with more experienced setting paths and variables which seem to be obvious to some but greek to others.
  6. I didn't see this when I was replying to binhex. Maybe 2. is what I'm missing. How would I run this parameter? Edit: Ok I figured it out how to run the command by searching a little more. In advanced view I added -p '54130:54130' to one of the empty lines at the top and now it's showing connected. Thanks for all the help! This has been driving me crazy for a week and I just wasn't able to find any solutions with all my searching.
  7. Correct, VPN_ENABLED is set to no but I wasn't sure about the other settings below that. So what I've done so far is: Stopped RTorrent docker. Edited rtorrent.rc by uncomment line 77 and added a port range of 54130-54130. Restarted RTorrent docker. Add port forwarding rule to my router at IP 192.168.1.xx on port 54130. Reboot router. Start Rutorrent webui. Everything starts fine but shows port 54130 Closed in the connection bar.
  8. Thanks for the reply and sorry to be a total noob, what IP address do I forward the port to on my router? Is it the address of my unraid server or does the docker have it's own IP? I've tried the server address but it still says the port is closed. Should the STRICT_PORT_FORWARD in the docker setting be set to "yes" or "no"? I previously had it set to yes running with PIA.
  9. I'm trying to run this without the VPN option and am having a hard time figuring out how to get a port open on my router for seeding. Is there a guide somewhere showing the correct settings? I've read through this forum but haven't had much luck or I'm missing something. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I reset all the the UD's to rw/slave but that doesn't seem to change anything . I still only see the download folder as an option in "save to..."
  11. Sorry about that. Here's the command.
  12. I'm new to unraid and rtorrent but I've been able to get this docker up and running for the most part as far as adding and seeding but have hit a wall with how to move completed torrents. I have all of my torrent files stored on another server and would like to continue doing that for backup purposes. I setup my folder shares from the other server with the unassigned devices plugin and can access everything just fine with krusader but when I use the "save to.." function in rutorrent I only seem to have the original download folder as an option. I've tried setting a new