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  1. Hey guys. I've had Medusa running for several months now and it works great apart from recently i've been seeing a prompt at the top of the page within that my docker image is out of date. I've removed the container, deleted the image and tried rebuilding but i keep getting the message. Any ideas?
  2. If i port forward to the outside world how do i password protect the no vnc front end?
  3. Used iptables to block my Nvidia Shield IP, all is good in the world again.
  4. Never mind I think I found the issue and it's rather bizarre. My Nvidia shield has gone rogue and is constantly streaming movies from disk3. I can see it playing 2 movies simultaneously on active streams. If I halt the streams they reappear within 10 seconds and start to play different movies. I'm at work so i'll have to let this ride but that Shield will be getting a rebuild today.
  5. Hi there folks. Had this issue for quite a while on 6.3.5 with high reads on disk 3 in my array. When I look at htop I notice SMB -D is constantly hovering around 25% usage. Just tried upgrading to 6.4 as a test but alas I still have the issue. Any suggestions are really appreciated. https://ibb.co/fzhAb5 - array screen showing high reads https://ibb.co/mMtiw5 HTOP showing high SMB -D http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=31824771501946737223 diagnostics
  6. After i manually spun the drives down CPU usage was 1-2%. They have all spun up again and i notice and have noticed for the last few months (over several versions of unraid) that CPU usage tends to hover around 20-30%. I've attached my HTOP showing the culprit services. Any ideas chaps?
  7. Thanks for the tips guys. I couldn't find any settings for turbo write, is it disk settings? I've manually spun all drives down and will perform a proper shutdown tonight.
  8. Hi all, I am on 6.3.5 and all my drives are staying spun up. Never had the issue before and i've tried rebooting a few times. Diagnostics are attached. Any suggestions are very welcome. tower2-diagnostics-20170718-1031.zip
  9. I did a search and found this thread http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=14219.0 but wasn't sure if this was relevant on 6.2? I have 2 unraid servers both on 6.2 and an APC Back-UPS BX - Uninterruptible Power Supply 1400VA, - BX1400UI - AVR, 6 Outlets IEC-C13, USB, Shutdown I'm clear on connecting USB into my primary unraid but not sure how i configure tower1 to tell tower2 when to shutdown?
  10. You are correct the drive ends in PEVG and is 4tb. I'll try your advice later, thanks.
  11. Hi trurl, thanks for the heads up. Diagnostics: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=82431433264350494670 Really hope it's not the controller as this is new in my system and the other drive is still pre-clearing no problem. I figured it might be the drive as it had some odd mechanical sounds, combined with errors in syslog.
  12. Hi can someone please take a look at my syslog and advise if my drive is bad. History: I installed a SAS2LP controller to my system yesterday followed by two Seagate 4tb drives. Using gfjardim's brilliant pre-clear plugin I initiated a pre-clear on both drives. This morning I have woken to lots of errors in syslog and one of the drives has disappeared from the pre-clear GUI. Pretty sure the drive needs an RMA but would appreciated confirmation. syslog_2.zip
  13. Thanks johnnie. Ended up going for the SuperMicro - AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 with these cables LSI CBL-SFF8087OCF-05M 0.5m SFF-8087 to Discrete Multi-Lane Internal Forward Breakout SATA Cable all delivered tomorrow.
  14. Johnnie I have one more question. If I go for the Supermicro SASLP am I right in thinking I can slot it into the larger x16 slots? Since this card is x4 i figure i wouldn't want it in the smaller x1 slot.