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  1. Wanted to throw in that the plugin would not stay signed in after it updated and when I went to the plugin config the page kept refreshing when trying to pull the flash backup status. I used the above mentioned command unraid-api restart and it fixed the issue.
  2. I would just like to note that your screenshot shows that it is attempting direct play on the iPhone.. as such no transcoding would happen. The audio stream to my knowledge is only transcoded on the CPU so you should never see that HW transcode..
  3. I see now, so the reboot I did made that step unnecessary. I followed the rest of the steps and like I said its working great now. Thanks for the help and the drivers plugin
  4. I added the lines to the plex docker and it appears to be working. Not sure what the red popup was needed for but thankfully It appears I didnt need it... unless im not understanding where that popup takes you.
  5. When I click on the logo of the plugin it takes me to a settings page but the only options there are the update options, It shows my GPU and the information related to it.
  6. So I updated to 6.9 and ignorantly installed the nvidia drivers without reading this thread. I closed out of that popup believing it was just a notification on where to go to enable the device in docker. After not being able to find the setting I came here to look where to go.. So my question is how do I access that page now that the red popup box is gone. I attempted to uninstall the drivers but did not receive a prompt like the first install when installing the plugin. Also for some reason when I add the lines in the Plex docker the docker disappears, not sure if this is an unraid bug, plex bug or an issue with the settings not being enabled via that popup. Thanks
  7. I'm attempting to run the EAPcontroller but I can not get the thing to work. I look at the logs and there are 0 errors. When I try to visit the WebUI it says the connection was refused. Its beyond frustrating having nothing to go off of from the log.
  8. Never updated this post, but I ended up switching to unraid permanently about 2 weeks after my last post lol #screwwindows. I slapped a tiny Noctua fan on the SB chip that was COOKING but not being reported by the supermicro bios or IPMI. Still not sure of the sudden temperature rise on that chip but could be airflow change in the case who knows, but its been running 24/7 without issues now. Really loving the VMs and dockers.
  9. Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the quick updates and information regarding their new next gen network. I woke up to find Deluge completely unresponsive, which I was expecting at some point after seeing their news page a couple weeks back about the legacy networks. Simply downloaded the new opvn config, dropped it in and was back up and running in 5 minutes.
  10. Thank you for the input. I was to anxious and frustrated last night and mistook my own error for one with unraid. I ended up switching (for now) to windows until i start my new unraid build. The server shut off as well within windows, and from what I can tell the southbridge chip was getting to hot with the graphics card being run at all, Likely due to all the hard drives I just put on the integrated SATA controller AND a change with the fan layout in my 4u chassis. I am exited for a new build with unraid.
  11. I'm new to unraid as of today, and new to the forums as well... I installed unraid to run as my main server with some VMs inside for windows 10, and this is where the problems being, To the point I'm almost to the point of regretting purchasing a key, and wasting the time. anyways I've spent the better part of today messing with the configurations, setting up the windows 10 VM and getting it going. Here's the issue i'm running into. The server deadstops, powers off without any warnings OTHER than the system fans kicking up some for about 10ish minutes before it cuts out. The system log reveals a ERROR at the time of the dead power off to the effect of IPMI Error clearing flags: cc ( i will try to grab the exact error line) This only happens when I have my GTX1660 passed through, if i have the VNC graphics selected it runs just fine.. Now some background on that, I was having some issues with iommu not passing through all the devices in the group (all devices were part of the nvidia card) so I followed a guide that added a vfio-pci.ids= line into the configuration, with all the hardware addresses. Any help would be appreciated, im sure im leaving a lot of details out, im pulling my hair out. Really about to switch back to windows 10 storage spaces