Adding CA cert to Browser for unRaid Webui


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I'm trying to add the unraid self-signed certs to firefox in the Certificate Manager and push all webui logins to https. I've found the SSL cert in the Flash Drive but its in PEM format. I'm still learning in this area. I thought I was looking for the CA cert to put into Firefox. The PEM format has both the private and public key. I think the browser only needs the public key part to verify the server SSL cert?


I don't need to use my own certs but would like to add the CA cert to my browser so it recognizes my server page.


where do i find the unraid CA cert or can I modify the PEM file?


Couldn't find a prior post on this.


Thanks for any help


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I believe if you add the CA cert to the root CA store the browser will see it as a trusted CA. I did this on Pfsense and its still functioning in firefox. I've linked the walk-through below.  That one was easier as you make a CA in Pfsense then exported the root CA cert and imported it into the firefox trusted CAs.

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