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Excuse my nooobness to unRAID, I do more searching than posting ;-)


FireFox Sync Server with MariaDB I assume is OK to use.  I don't see a password field in docker settings.  Seems it is only for SQLlite.


Or do I build MariaDB and not use a password for the FireFox database?





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I have a question before installing. Looking at the template I understand that I should open a port for Syncserver Public URL.


Can I use it with swag reverse proxy instead?


Basically I have a custom domain. I can set a subdomain like and let nginx in swag do the proxy from external to localhost:5000 (even I don't found any proxy conf in swag folders...).


What do you kindly suggest?


Thank you in advance!

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Hi Jflo,


you have an error in your template. It is not possible to disable new user account creation, which may be crucial functionality if you want to make your SyncServer available from the internet.


The problem is in docker variable SYNCSERVER_ALLOW_NEW_USER, it should be SYNCSERVER_ALLOW_NEW_USERS



Please fix it, it may save some debugging why the account creation is not disabled, for people who are using your template :)

I can create pull request in your repository if you want.



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I installed the container, set-it up, forwarded port from router, etc, all works fine from what I can tell. If I navigate to the page i created, says "it works!" . In firefox about:config I changed identity.sync.tokenserver.uri value to . From here, I'm lost ... when I try to sign up from firefox menu I land on mozilla account page. I created an account, to see what happens. Seems that it's not working, no idea how to use the docker sync I run. Any help please?

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