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  1. hi all if Im using sensors plugin how do I update the dashboard to use it instead of IPMI?
  2. Hi all I am running Wireguard server on my router. Can access all my dockers running on custom bridge with static IPs fine. However my PrivoxyVPN container which has other containers routing through it I cannot access while on Wireguard. It just times out. Is this expected?
  3. how do you guys stop the MediaCovers dir in app config filling up with posters? as this is not mapped to a share it takes up space on my docker.img file this is on v3
  4. About 9 containers. I will check paths for them to see if any not mapped correctly. Logs are one thing which could fill it up like NextCloud or NGINX logs. Those I dont map to a share. However does this impact my speed issues?
  5. No was not testing speed during Parity check. Yes It was filling 20G quite easily I found.
  6. attached not sure if its related but my parity check 2 nights ago that was not correcting scheduled had 5 errors. so I ran another manual check with correction enabled and it showed 5 errors again. could it be bad parity drive?
  7. yes i can see all my app data docker files are on cache drive
  8. how do I check? the share settings says Use Cache Yes.
  9. Hi all I got a Share on Unraid using SMBv2 and my Windows 10 transfer speeds used to be good but ever since I added Parity disk they have slowed down by a lot. My share setting for "Use Cache" is set to Yes. Any ideas?