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  1. My ISP provides both IPV4 and IPV6. I turned on IPV6 in Unraid to test it out. I dont really have a need for it at the moment. We are very far away from it becoming mainstream. As the issue only happened when using my Windows PC it seems that its not a Unriad issue. My Windows PC was assigned a IPV6 and IPV4 address so did not want to mess with registry to turn it off on the PC.
  2. nope switching second PC to wireless did not bring the issue back I disabled IPV6 on my router and re tested as a hunch and now first PC to Unraid MD5 matches! thanks for help all hopefully issue is fixed
  3. The PFSense is connected to a switch and then Unraid is connected to the switch. The AP only has 1 port which is connected to PFSense. If it a network issue on wireless side then if I switch second PC to wireless and then try md5 check again it will prove if its network issue with wireless.
  4. Correct first PC is Windows 10 and I mount shares for Unraid. Second PC is a Intel NUC with Ubuntu on it. That runs my media player and connects to Unraid via NFS. So it looks like my Windows PC is the issue then as when initiating transfer from Ubuntu to Unraid MD5 remains same but when using my Windows PC to copy to Unraid MD5 does not match. My network setup is Windows is wireless and Ubuntu and Unraid are wired in. My router is intel mini pc with pfsense and wifi access point connected.
  5. Surely it cannot be RAM issue if file copied directly from second PC to Unraid matches md5? All the mis matches are coming when my windows PC is involved, as both my Unraid server and my second PC are accessed via SMB so all the testing apart from the last test has been via my windows PC. By that I mean, when I copied file from second PC to unraid the first time round I used my windows PC to do that. While the second time I did not use my windows machine and did it directly from second PC.
  6. Nope MD5 does not match between file copied from second PC to Unraid and file copied from first PC to Unraid. So I then copied file from second PC to Unraid using NFS directly from second PC rather then via my windows first PC and MD5 matches. So issues is copying over SMB to Unraid on my Windows machine is corrupting the files. Any hints? I would rather use NFS but I do not have Win 10 Pro.
  7. Ok So I copied a file from PC to second PC ---- MD5 matches with first PC Copied file from second PC to Unraid --- MD5 Does not match with second PC/first PC
  8. So I did a test. I copied a file downloaded from PC to Unraid over SMB to another machine on the same switch and same corruption. However files downloaded on unraid entirely without PC are fine.
  9. yup done that and the md5s are different what does not make sense is why all of a sudden this happened. no changes to network have been made
  10. ok will test other devices on same switch
  11. Yes I have ECC RAM loaded. Anyone got any suggestions.
  12. I found files that are are downloaded by containers like sonarr for example are fine. they playback without any corruption, its only files copied over from my PC. could it still be memory?
  13. @binhexdo you plan on creating a beta v3 container of sonarr?
  14. I dont think it could be ipv6 causing the isuses as my Kodi box connects to Unraid NFS over IPV4. I just checked the md5s and they do not match between file on server and file on PC. So something is going wrong when copying it via Windows.