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  1. thanks he made new vars for extra ports that fixed it!
  2. Hi all So I got 2 problems this morning, yesterday this was fine and I made no changes but now all of a sudden I am getting 2 issues: 1 - Any container connected to my Privoxy/VPN Docker network now I can no longer access. Web GUI times out connecting. I stopped and started Privoxy docker and then restarted the connected ones but still cant access. Other containers not connected to Privoxy work fine. 2 - I am no longer able to open a shell to any container. It just brings up shell window with white cursor. Attached diagnostics. Thanks tow
  3. hi all if Im using sensors plugin how do I update the dashboard to use it instead of IPMI?
  4. Hi all I am running Wireguard server on my router. Can access all my dockers running on custom bridge with static IPs fine. However my PrivoxyVPN container which has other containers routing through it I cannot access while on Wireguard. It just times out. Is this expected?
  5. how do you guys stop the MediaCovers dir in app config filling up with posters? as this is not mapped to a share it takes up space on my docker.img file this is on v3
  6. About 9 containers. I will check paths for them to see if any not mapped correctly. Logs are one thing which could fill it up like NextCloud or NGINX logs. Those I dont map to a share. However does this impact my speed issues?
  7. No was not testing speed during Parity check. Yes It was filling 20G quite easily I found.
  8. attached not sure if its related but my parity check 2 nights ago that was not correcting scheduled had 5 errors. so I ran another manual check with correction enabled and it showed 5 errors again. could it be bad parity drive?
  9. yes i can see all my app data docker files are on cache drive
  10. how do I check? the share settings says Use Cache Yes.
  11. Hi all I got a Share on Unraid using SMBv2 and my Windows 10 transfer speeds used to be good but ever since I added Parity disk they have slowed down by a lot. My share setting for "Use Cache" is set to Yes. Any ideas?
  12. i have other containers routing through this but when it comes to updates to the containers UnRaid dont handle it well. If I get update to this container unless I go to unraid GUI and click on docker tab none of the other containers that use it rebuild. is there any way to force all containers connected to restart?
  13. Hi all Running latest stable release of Unraid and I have set up a container with OpenVPN and Privoxy and then I have other containers running various software that I am connecting to the VPN container so all traffic passes through it. This works well however when the main VPN container auto updates all the other containers using the VPN container do not auto rebuild until I go to Unraid GUI and open docker tab then it rebuilds them. So it looks like it wont rebuild in the background. Any hints on how to fix this? Thanks
  14. Anyone else have issues on the nightly version where after you add a movie first time the poster.jpg file Radarr downloads is 0kb and empty. You have to delete the file and refresh Radarr then it downloads correctly. Happens every time I add new movie. I sent logs to Radarr team and they said its not a known issue and they cant find anything in logs.
  15. is socks5 better option for proxying or privoxy?
  16. so parity check finished with 0 errors. so looks like Im good for now. attached is diagnostics after the last run.
  17. if the new scan I see more errors what would you recommend? if its the SATA card issue how would I confirm?