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  1. Yes I was more asking how many people here do that as opinion on that varies as Radarr does not actually download anything and uses clients to do it.
  2. Anyone run Radarr via VPN or only the torrent or usenet client is via VPN?
  3. surprised there is none of these already
  4. Any plans to change the VNC system used in Unraid terminal display for dockers and command line? On firefox its not worked for a while and I dont use Chrome as for Privacy reasons I use Firefox.
  5. The WebUI var does not seem to do anything as the container port is another var. Also any way to disable Tor on the container? Be good to have that as a option.
  6. Ah that makes sense. So I need to change it to 3 if I want it to spread folder 3 across the 3 drives.
  7. Ah Well my file structure on that share is as follows: Root/Folder1/Folder2/ but also Root/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/
  8. attached
  9. HI all I got 3 Disks in my array and 1 parity drive. However Im getting warnings of 1 disk filling up to 90%. Any reason is not distributing it evenly? Thanks
  10. anyone know of a easy way to get emails working? i cant seem to find free snmtp relay that does not require custom domain name
  11. ok thanks yeah browsers should not keep breaking it
  12. Hello on latest version of firefox the bug where unraid shell console and container shells have pixelated text. Is this known issue?
  13. does not work for me either looks like values from the template does not appear to change anything in syncserver.ini file
  14. Is it possible to use both LetsEncrypt and zeroSSL automation or is it one or other only?
  15. hello all anyone else have problems with container console UI windows text render being unreadable on firefox? on chrome its fine
  16. anyone have issues with web ui via firefox? like mouse pointer in VNC viewer for JDownloader is very slow and disspears. on edge works fine
  17. Ah good to know. It does not work with SOCKS on QBittorent either :(
  18. I dont use proxy. I just use the network options area to route other containers through my VPN container
  19. Anyone got Privoxy SOCKS5 with torrent working? I mean using the SOCKS5 Proxy on the container for clients on my LAN who need to host own torrent client rather then download to uraid server via deluge in the container? I enabled SOCKS5 and used the username and password on Deluge on my machine and it keeps saying Permission denied on all public trackers. Private are fine. As soon as I disable SOCKS5 proxy it starts working.
  20. yeah got exactly like above but get Exception (ettv): The cookies provided by FlareSolverr are not valid: The cookies provided by FlareSolverr are not valid on all indexers EDIT: Ah I fixed it by routing flaresolvrr through VPN which is same as jackett