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Unknown 6.9.1 problem - could use a diagnostic script

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Hi All,


I am experiencing an unknown issue with my server.  Since I upgraded to 6.9.1 I have experienced 2 "freezes". The server (and dockers) is unreachable via any means over the network or via the console. The only solution is to hard reset.


By that time, the log is empty and diagnostics are useless. Nothing from initial view of the log following the reset indicates an issue nor is there any obvious disk issue following review of SMART data.


It would be really helpful if I could configure unRAID to grab diagnostic data periodically to hopefully grab some meaningful data which would indicate what is causing the crashes. Does anyone have a script to do this I could use outside of just running the command in the user script plugin - maybe something that also manages how many versions of diagnostics are kept so I don't fill the USB drive with diagnostics files? 





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