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Fix common problems found errors with my unraid system?

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Hello, I recently got setup with my unraid server running 6.9.1, and its been working great for my needs. I installed fix common problems and initially it said everything was fine but after about 24 hours of uptime it said errors were detected. Not sure if this is relevant but hardware on the server is..

Asus z390i

Intel 9900k

32gb crucial ballististix 

1TB Samsung 980 Nvme

12TB Segate Ironwolf

TX401 10Gb network card

 syslog is attached below



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Instead of syslog we prefer Diagnostics which contains syslog, SMART for all disks, and a lot of other things that help make sense of syslog and many other things about your hardware and configuration.


Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.

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14 minutes ago, trurl said:

I'm not sure about those mcelog warnings. That other warning is about getting Notifications setup.


You should configure Notifications to alert you immediately by email or other agent as soon as a problem is detected, at least for warnings and alerts.

Sorry for the horrible question but how do I set up notifications? I tried google but couldnt find clear instructions, very new to unraid or linux based systems in general.


4 minutes ago, trurl said:

Are you planning to add parity?

Yes, that drive gets delivered tomorrow, its a 12tb segate exos

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