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(SOLVED) Can't add parity disk back after failure. input output error

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No advice on this forum helped me so i decided to write down solution that worked for me.

Unraid 6.9..1

Parity disk got disabled after some failure.

New config, start stop etc. Nothing helps. It is invisible or just disappears from designated field.

unraid fdisk says input output error


So i did the following

1. Stop array

2. New config (all) to remove trace of parity disk

3. Remove failed HDD and fdisk delete partition on another machine

4. Put it back and add as new parity disk

5. Thats it


If this post helps someone please mention it below.

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1 hour ago, John_M said:


is the troublesome part. Did you replace whatever failed or even find out what it was? I hope it doesn't happen again, but who's to know?


Most definitely sata cable or power failure. There might be something else ofc but what i needed most was a solution to bring my HDD back into system.

I did replace cable and ordered a very good one as well. UPS must arrive next week too.


I built my system from leftover parts and there is always a space for improvement.

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2 hours ago, trurl said:

Probably the documentation would have told you what to do as well. You can access it from the webUI by clicking the "manual" link at the bottom right.


For this particular example





I've seen it and It did not work for me. HDD did appear at step 3 but got lost again if added to parity field.

fdisk returned input\output error at any stage


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2 hours ago, trurl said:

Doesn't look like you asked for any advice. If we had your Diagnostics we probably could have told you what the problem was, and we could have told you what to do.

I do not imply that i asked for one, but i searched all over the forum and documentation extensively.

Since I am not an English speaker i might have used wrong choice of words but my intention stays the same:

my case was not covered by docs or existing forum replies and i chose to ease the way for the next guy trapped in this loop


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