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Flash Device Error

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Is anyone else having Flash Device Errors on a regular basis after upgrading to 6.9? I have regular error which seem to be fixed after rebooting for a while. I just downgraded to 6.8.3 to see if this resolves it. It was running very well prior to the upgrade with never seeing this error before.

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I have been getting these same types of errors on my new server and driving me crazy. UNRAID 6.9.2 with a 32GB San Disk Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 drive in a USB 2.0 slot.


I ordered a new 16GB Cruzer Fit USB 2.0 to see if that helps at all but doesn't arrive until Tuesday.


Any solutions found for this?

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I also have this issue. Started happening about every 3 days after upgrading from 6.8.3 to 6.9.1. I'm now on 6.9.2. I also installed the 'My Servers' Plugin at the same time thinking that might have been part of the issue. A reboot always gets me back up and running but this is getting silly.


A list of things for me to try over the next few days are:

  • run a check disk on the usb drive
  • double check that the drive is in a usb2 port
  • remove the server from UPS in case it is some sort of power issue
  • try a different usb drive

I'm eager to hear from other people about this.

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I just wanted to update since my last post that I tried a different (new) USB 2.0 Cruzer Fit 16GB drive and still getting the errors.  I made it about 25 hours on the first go around and currently around 15.5 hours uptime right now waiting to see how long I get.


I would love to get 72 hours uptime in a row at this point since I've yet to have my new server up for over 1-2 days.


I emailed UNRAID support which told me to post in this forum (which I did in separate thread as well) and follow up with them in 1-2 days if no one replied with solution.

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yes I've just had a flash drive fail on 6.9.2 upgrade too

(to be fair Tom did warn me it might not be very reliable model - in 2009)


The other server upgraded flawlessly - I have had trouble getting it to read on the desktop - so it might well be a dodgy connection

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