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Flash device blacklisted

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So today was the day I finally purchased the plus-Licence.

I also made the upgrade from 6.8.2 to 6.9.2

In trial mode unraid never seemed to not like my usb flash drive.

After restarting the array everything seemed fine, Flash GUID showed up perfectly.

All of a sudden it shows the device as blacklisted. I restart the server, everything looks fine.

A few hours later, device shows up as blacklisted.

Whats the issue here? It's a Intenso Micro Line 4 GB.

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21 minutes ago, one2chane said:

Whats the issue here? It's a Intenso Micro Line 4 GB.

If you click on the Flash drive from the Main screen of the GUI, what is reported as the flash GUID?  No need to post it here, but if it just has a long string of zeros or has some sequential numbering like 01234356789, etc. the device likely does not have a unique GUID.  The flash GUID must be unique to be licensed.


If it was successfully licensed in the past, being blacklisted is an indication that an attempt was made to license the same GUID which flags it as not unique.


Generic/off brand USB flash devices tend to have non-unique GUIDs.

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About twenty hours later I ran into the problem again. Switched the port, worked for a few hours and then it's back to square one.

Reboot, a few hours of normal operation then reboot again.

Not really happy about restarting the server again and again.

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