[Solved] GUI mode boot to top left cursor after 6.9.2 upgrade

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So I haven't had a server the last year or so, because of pandemics and needing the mobo and cpu for other things, so I'm just setting things up again.

First, booting into GUI mode on 6,8.x (whatever was current Feb 2020) I updated the various plugins, then pre cleared the four drives I intended to use, in part to check they were OK. During the pre clear I got the notification to update to 6.9.2 which I did when the pre clear was finished.

I rebooted to the mode selection panel - first to normal GUI mode - top left flashing cursor, then to GUI mode, no plugins, same result.


Since it might be my set up in UEFI BIOS I should explain what and why I've configured things as I have as I'm possibly causing the problem, though obviously this worked fine with the earlier unRAID version:


I have an Nvidia 1050 in the first PCIe slot but as I intended to pass that through to a VM or for transcoding I had selected in BIOS to boot to the iGPU (i5 4690k) - is that right or should I be using the dGPU for the GUI mode with this version?


Any other 'don'ts' regarding UEFI BIOS set up? The only reference specific to unRAID I found was deprecated info. for e.g. Above 4G decoding yes/no? Other than that I obviously have VT-d turned on and XMP enabled but those were fine when booting into POP-OS and Solus Budgie


Obviously I can't offer any logs as I don't get that far.


Should I try removing the boot flash drive and reinstalling fresh on another computer?


Is there anything I should be typing in at the flashing cursor? It seems to go through all the correct boot sequences until that point, from what little I understand of verbose boot sequences.


Thanks in advance

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OK managed to log into the browser GUI remotely and remove the Nvidia Plugin, so initial panic over. Not marking as solved yet as would like some guidance on how to best set up my BIOS if anyone has the time or can just send me a link for further reading/viewing?


Would really like to be able to use local GUI mode so if someone has a link to understanding the variables and how to best set up the UEFI BIOS that would be great. Also thinking about putting pfSense in a VM so having local access to the GUI would make sense. Pun not intended!


I maybe over thinking the BIOS settings because my long experience building hackintoshes has taught me that a supposedly trivial UEFI setting can make or break an install, or its longer term stability. Obviously a Linux kernel based OS is way more robust than trying to install an OS on hardware it was never intended to run on, but even so there is probably a best way and a wrong way, and I'd like to do it right :)


How should PCIe graphics config be set up in BIOS for passing through an Nvidia card while having the option of using iGPU for direct/local GUI access on occasion?


Do any of the other typical settings need to be altered to maximise performance of both dGPU and iGPU?


For e.g. is it worth locking the PCIe to Gen 3 for the GPU or is leaving it on auto OK? What about the assigned VRAM allocation for iGPU? 64M enough?



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I'm very sorry not to have responded to your post ryoko227 - sadly it's so long ago it's all a blur and TBH I haven't had to connect a monitor to the unraid server directly for months now. I suspect the video will have been from fairly early on - from some years back I mean when Ed was dealing with unraid fundamentals, or possibly with setting up nvidia cards for passthrough to VM's or transcoding with Plex? I wish I could be more helpful but I'd have to watch a dozen or more videos again to find it and I'm in the middle of moving house!

If I stumble on it I will post again



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