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Can't buy a key

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Apologies for the trouble and thanks for your patience over the weekend @[RIVINS]. I've been battling this issue for about a week now and it's a hard one to test as it's extremely intermittent in development testing.


This message happens when the pop-up doesn't receive fully up-to-date data from the webgui after a key install. Even if the key technically installed correctly.


When you're on the webgui did the key end up installing correctly or did the install completely fail?

As the message entails you're able to install the key manually, did you try that?


If you're still without a key installed try again and if you receive the same error message please attempt to capture screenshots of logs in the browser's dev console  – both in the webgui and the plugin. This may point us towards the issue you're hitting.


Instructions for opening dev console:

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