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USB monitors and unraid?

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Hey all I do not have a monitor connected to unraid because I usually remote in to the web interface.  However I live in Ca and we have rolling brown outs this time of year, is there a way to use an AOC usb monitor with unraid?  I would like to be able to plug it in while my server is on my battery back up and shut it down properly before it loses power totally.

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15 minutes ago, whitewraith said:

I have a APC 1000, its 600 W so it lasts about 15 min if the power goes out.

You should try not to discharge below 50% if possible for best overall battery life, so you will probably need to set Unraid to shut down after the power is out for at most 5 minutes so everything has time to shut down completely before you run below 50% battery.


Keep in mind that consumer type battery backups are only meant to provide for a clean shutdown, if you are trying to keep your rig running through an outage you need a different setup.

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