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No access to server, total mess!!

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Hi guys, I'm after some guidance please!

I have been trying to set up my server for the past couple of weeks.

Unraid was set up and working fine and I was setting up Plex in a Docker (the Plex own) and having a few issues.

My Utility company changed my meters this morning and we had power off for a while, on return of power my router was not operating properly or allowing connections! I factory reset the router and it is now ok and working, but now I cannot access my server :(

via my servers won't connect and I get a blank screen with a cursor when I try GUI mode on boot up!

So at this moment in time I have a box of electronics that is useless.


Any help would be very gratefully received :)



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17 minutes ago, Silhouette UK said:

I factory reset the router and it is now ok and working, but now I cannot access my server


It seem to me that some part of your network config changed in the factory reset.

A few questions to understand your previous situation better.


Are you trying to access the server with it's IP or name ?

Were you using a fixed IP on the server or it is assigned via DHCP ?

Do you have a monitor and keyboard attached to the server ?


I'd say check your router admin page to see if the IP range is still the same and if the server is visible by the router.

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