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unraid os and graphics card


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Dear Experts,


i have a unraid system installed on core i5 4th generation cpu with 8gb ram. there is a problem while  video streaming so i think i have to plug a external gpu of ddr3 4gb quadro p2200. will this solve my video streaming problem ? note i use to access this server from another computer and offcourse i will not gonna use its vga port.

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18 hours ago, trurl said:

Does your CPU have iGPU? What model is it specifically?

yes it has built in graphics. but i used to access this server from another computers or laptops or sometime uses plex. the only thing which i want to know if i put a pci express graphics card into my cpu will it solve video streaming jerking problem?

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Hi there,


Apologies for the lack of detail.  Specs I have mentioned.  That current video that I was watching was a 4k version of LOTR which it didn't seem to be able to stream in Original Quality through plex, through my wired network onto my apple TV.  Upon closer inspection of the Status page, I saw that the processor itself had all 4 cores at 100 pct.... Fully red bars.


I then had plex convert to 720p rather than play original quality, and that worked better, even though the cpu cores were still on average at 75-90%.


My question is this: While I'm sure that changing the motherboard and pc is one possible option, it would be easier to take the load of transcoding etc off the cpu and shift to a gpu.  Is that even possible in Unraid?  And am I along the right track?


Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.

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