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I was facing a problem that  /boot not mounted. I solved it but I can't explain why. I am not sure if your problem is the same with mine. If you want to check it, you can look if /boot is mounted by issuing command "mount" or "cd /boot" to see if directories and files reside in /boot. If /boot is mounted, then we have different problems. 


I posted my experience in this thread:



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Summary of my problem
After having noticed that I no longer had access to the web interface I did a manual installation of unRAID because the installation with USB Creator did not succeed for some reason that I do not know (message "Syncing file system ")
I copied the Config directory from a previous backup
Starting the server in GUI mode: no access to the web interface on the local PC, nor on the network PC
On the other hand I have access to the server with telnet, and the Samba shares are active, I can read a shared file from my networked PC
Start of the server in Safe mode with GUI: access to the web interface on the local PC, but not on the networked PC
I deleted the filebot.plg file and the Filebot directory: same result
I start to despair because I don't know what to do anymore
Thanks for your help

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