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I am using the latest version of unRAID
I have the following problem
While copying a file from a usb disk with Krusader, the disk accesses are looped
I lost access to the web interface (https: // IP_Server)
From a PC on the same network I can access telnet, I can log in as root
I launched a halt command, it took more than two hours to stop the server
I restarted the server, it has now been over 12 hours since the disks have been active, but I still do not have access to the web interface, only with telnet
What solution to regain this access without losing my data?
Thanks for your help


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2 minutes ago, sonata31380 said:

don't have a backup

You must always have a current backup of flash. I would say that is even more important than getting your parity sync errors fixed.


Shutdown, put flash in PC, let it checkdisk. While there make a backup. Reboot, preferably in GUI mode.

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1 hour ago, sonata31380 said:

I have always accessed by telnet from a networked PC
I have the impression that the web server does not start
How to force it to start?

The web server is started by the entry in the /config/go file on the flash drive.  As long as the flash drive mounts correctly that should therefore be automatic.  Have you ttried the 'df' command to check it is mounted at /boot?


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Filesystem       1K-blocks        Used  Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs             1850672     1075000     775672  59% /
devtmpfs           1850680           0    1850680   0% /dev
tmpfs              1960872       10284    1950588   1% /dev/shm
cgroup_root           8192           0       8192   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs               131072         284     130788   1% /var/log
/dev/sda1          1953776      528992    1424784  28% /boot
overlay            1850672     1075000     775672  59% /lib/modules
overlay            1850672     1075000     775672  59% /lib/firmware
tmpfs                 1024           0       1024   0% /mnt/disks
/dev/md1        5860343676  5840734608   19609068 100% /mnt/disk1
/dev/md2        7813788060  7782609804   31178256 100% /mnt/disk2
/dev/md3        7813788060  7768740616   45047444 100% /mnt/disk3
/dev/md4        7813788060  7799764596   14023464 100% /mnt/disk4
/dev/md5        5860343676  5857132336    3211340 100% /mnt/disk5
/dev/md6        7813788060  7755706156   58081904 100% /mnt/disk6
/dev/md7        2930177100  2888928376   41248724  99% /mnt/disk7
/dev/md8        7813788060  2986960120 4826827940  39% /mnt/disk8
/dev/md9        2928835740  2897921596   30914144  99% /mnt/disk9
/dev/md10       5858435620  5801915900   56519720 100% /mnt/disk10
/dev/md11       5858435620  5834530208   23905412 100% /mnt/disk11
shfs           68365511732 63214944316 5150567416  93% /mnt/user0
shfs           68365511732 63214944316 5150567416  93% /mnt/user
/dev/loop2        10485760     2223416    7526120  23% /var/lib/docker

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1 hour ago, sonata31380 said:

Samba shares also work
Only web access is not active

Perhaps you should check the contents of the config/go file on the flash drive to check you have not inadvertently removed the line to start the web gui?

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