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1 hour ago, sonata31380 said:

What should this file contain?

The default go file will contain this:


# Start the Management Utility
/usr/local/sbin/emhttp &


This starts the GUI.  Your go file looks fine so there must be another reason you cannot access the GUI via a browser.

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You are right, because after about 24 hours the discs ceased to be active
I have access to the server by telnet and the Samba shares are active, I want to read a file from my networked PC under Windows 10
On the other hand I still do not have web access from my networked PC, nor from the PC connected to the server output in GUI mode


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Not being able to find the cause of my problem I decided to install unRAID on a new flash drive created with USB Creator
I will copy the "config" directory from the current flash drive to the new flash drive, so with my "Pro.key" license key
For security in the "disk.cfg" file I put startArray = "no"
According to the document "Changing The Fash Device" I will have to click on "REPLACE KEY" to transfer my license to the new flash drive
Is the method correct?
Thanks for your help


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Before committing to blacklist your old flash drive and transfer the licence to the new one, you should probably use a trial licence on the new flash drive. So don't transfer the .key file just now.

You should probably copy the super.dat file though as it holds your disk assignments.

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By copying the config directory this includes the super.dat file
In the document "Changing The Flash Device" it is written



• if you are not restoring from a backup (which would contain a copy of your license key file) then copy your existing license key file into the 'config' folder on the flash drive so that UnRaid knows you want to switch your license to this new flash drive.
• Click on the option to 'REPLACE KEY' * Then enter the email address to which you would like to have the new key delivered to.



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1 hour ago, sonata31380 said:

If I install on my old flash drive and it goes wrong, I lose everything

How do you lose anything?


Can you copy config folder from the old flash? That is all you need to put back on the old flash (or a new flash) after a new install to get all of your configuration back.


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2 hours ago, sonata31380 said:

In summary, I do a new installation on my old flash drive, then I copy the config directory that I saved which also contains Pro.key

Not exactly.

  1. You backup your old flash drive
  2. Format and recreate it fresh
  3. Copy your /config directory from your backup to the flash drive (overwrite the already existing files)
  4. Try it on your server and see if it is better
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You need to delete /config/plugins/filebot.plg from the flash drive.  Beyond ancient, most likely not compatible, and if you had Fix Common Problems installed it would keep track of this stuff and alert you.  May or may not solve your problem though.

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