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I just received an email that Disk 12 had 18 read errors and was then put into an error state.  It's a Supermicro chassis so there aren't any cables to re-seat.  I'm assuming the drive is actually bad, but I'm hoping someone can look at my diagnostics and point me in the right direction?


I installed a 10TB drive about a week ago, so would the best thing to do be copy the data from /disk12 (drive with errors) -> /disk14 (new 10TB Drive).  I have plenty of space to hold the 6TB of data on disk12, but I'm not sure about the errors and copying all that data off the drive.


It would take me a few days to get a new HDD delivered and precleared.  Am I safe to use the array until I get a new drive or should I shut it down?


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Disabled/emulated disk12 is mounted but seems to have disconnected (was sdc), reconnected (now sdr) and so is now unassigned. 

2 hours ago, Spyderturbo007 said:

I have plenty of space

You should use that space to copy the data from your ReiserFS disks so you can convert them to XFS, but wait and deal with that after disk12 rebuild.

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I was able to get an 8TB external HDD from Best Buy, shucked it and slapped it in where Disk 12 lived.  It's in the process of a rebuild right now.  I got paranoid and wanted to get the disk replaced before anything else failed.


Estimated completion is 1 day 2 hours.  Is it alright to use the array while the rebuild is progressing, or should I not be using it during the rebuild?


I think this has taught me that I need a second parity drive and then another drive just sitting there waiting to go.  My critical data is backed up, but my media isn't.  It would just be a ton of work to rip all the disks again.  It's hard to find a cost effective way to backup 61TB.  

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Forgot to mention there didn't appear to be anything wrong with the original disk according to SMART. Extended test hadn't been run recently though.


3 hours ago, Spyderturbo007 said:

aren't any cables to re-seat

Obviously there is hardware that connects the disk in some way, and power connection should also be considered, including splitters and whether power is adequate. Connection problems are much more common than bad disks.

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I threw the 6TB drive back in the server and have it setup to run through 2 preclear cycles.  It just finished the first one successfully.  If it passes the second, it is safe to use as an array drive?


Event: Preclear on WD-WX51D6422029
Subject: Disk WD-WX51D6422029 (sdp) PASSED cycle 1!
Description: Preclear: Disk WD-WX51D6422029 (sdp) PASSED cycle 1!
Importance: normal

Disk sdp has successfully finished a preclear cycle!

Finished Cycle 1 of 2 cycles.
Last Cycle's Pre-Read Time: 12:36:26.
Last Cycle's Zeroing Time: 12:03:36.
Last Cycle's Post-Read Time: 12:35:27.
Last Cycle's Elapsed Time: 37:15:38
Disk Start Temperature: 26 C
Disk Current Temperature: 31 C

Starting a new cycle.

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1 hour ago, trurl said:


Probably will be fine, not the extended test I was referring to. 

I actually tried to run the extended SMART test, but shortly after starting the test, it appeared as though the drive went to sleep.  I refreshed the page and it said something like "No recent results".  I decided to do the pre-clear instead.  When I did and went back to the drive page, it showed that it was apparently trying to do the SMART test when the drive woke up.


So from what I'm seeing, it's doing the preclear and the SMART test at the same time and has been for the last 36 hours.  The SMART test shows at 90%.  I guess I'm really stressing it out!  :)

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