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Monitoring or getting array health in any way


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im quite happily running unraid.

As im running it purely as a NAS without VMs, docker containers etc., I want to integrate it into my monitoring properly.

Im using check_mk.


At the moment, I found two ways to get -some- information:



-sending /var/log/syslog to checkmks syslog server

-installing some sort of check_mk agent (did also not report the array health).


however, im not sure about the following:

if anything goes wrong with the array, will it be visible in /var/log/syslog? so far I got some temperature warnings, but it didnt show up in the syslog.

There also seems to be no REST endpoint or anything to get the array health.


I would be happy enough with a single http endpoint returning array health = ok, warning, error without a login so I can integrate it into my monitoring solution...


What can I do? Every single other thing in my homelab is monitored through check_mk, but I really struggle with unraid.


Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for your response.


Yeah, but those agents are just for directly informing someone in some way.


Checkmk is a all in one monitoring like zabbix or others. Everything comes together there and notifications are handled by it.

You install agents onto your machines and it monitors everything from disks to temperatures and everything you can think of.

As checkmk is a professional solution (although free for small solutions) it doesn't cover receiving notifications by telegram or Pushbullet.


It could ssh onto unRAID and execute commands. It could do http requests. It functions as a syslog server and receives logs.


But other than physically logging in to unRAID and looking at the ui, there seems to be no way to get info about the array.

Also unRAID notifications don't show up in syslog. Maybe have a look at what zabbix and checkmk are. Does unRAID not want to fit at least a little into enterprise setups or enthusiast setups?


This is the last piece missing for me 🙂

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Thanks for your answers. I switched to ZFS on proxmox directly, as monitoring the array health is important to me and I didn't want to have a separate thing for just the array and don't need the other advanced features inside unRAID.


Maybe unRAID will get an API in the future of some sort to also appeal more towards more professional-like applications, that would be cool! I really liked unRAID and will definitely look at it's progress.

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