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Incorrect Temperature Reported by NVME Drive

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I recently installed a new NVME SSD in my server for a faster cache pool. I've gotten notifications of the drive being 84 degrees C, but when I feel the drive it is cool (certainly not 84 degrees C). When I look in the attributes tab I see Temperature sensor 1, which seems to always report either an accurate value or exactly 84c, and Temperature sensor 2, which seems like a more consistently accurate sensor (usually at 40c).


Is it possible to get Unraid to use Temperature sensor 2 instead of Temperature sensor 1? Should I be concerned that Temperature sensor 1 often reports 84c (this is a brand new drive)?

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i second this , all(5) of my NVME drives are samsung , 3samsung 980 and 2 samsung 980 pro , the pros arent the ones that have this bug tho.

so my 3 drives are exactly 84c every now and then



now i found a thread that with the explanation and diagnostics that explains that the issue is only happening with regular samsung 980 and not the pro version



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