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rootfs file high utilization

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This script may take a few minutes to run, especially if you are manually mounting a remote share outside of /mnt/disks or /mnt/remotes

/usr/bin/du --exclude=/mnt/user --exclude=/mnt/user0 --exclude=/mnt/disks --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/var/lib/docker --exclude=/boot --exclude=/mnt -h -d2 / 2>/dev/null | grep -v 0$' '
4.0K /tmp/ca_notices
5.0G /tmp/Transcode
4.0K /tmp/user.scripts
12M /tmp/fix.common.problems
2.4M /tmp/pkg
16K /tmp/unassigned.devices
18M /tmp/community.applications
164K /tmp/notifications
572K /tmp/plugins
4.0K /tmp/emhttp
5.0G /tmp
972K /usr/man
20K /usr/info
240K /usr/include
820K /usr/doc
30M /usr/libexec
5.0M /usr/src
77M /usr/share
45M /usr/sbin
136M /usr/local
205M /usr/lib64
728K /usr/lib
373M /usr/bin
873M /usr
23M /sbin
52K /run/libvirt
996K /run/docker
4.0K /run/avahi-daemon
4.0K /run/elogind
4.0K /run/dbus
260K /run/udev
8.0K /run/blkid
1.4M /run
4.0K /lib64/xfsprogs
12K /lib64/pkgconfig
1.5M /lib64/elogind
4.0K /lib64/e2fsprogs
1.5M /lib64/security
30M /lib64
21M /lib/modules
4.0K /lib/systemd
88K /lib/modprobe.d
32K /lib/dhcpcd
8.1M /lib/udev
196M /lib/firmware
225M /lib
4.0K /etc/docker
4.0K /etc/rsyslog.d
4.0K /etc/netatalk
284K /etc/libvirt
332K /etc/libvirt-
4.0K /etc/pkcs11
144K /etc/lvm
8.0K /etc/libnl
8.0K /etc/ssmtp
20K /etc/samba
40K /etc/php-fpm.d
16K /etc/php-fpm
8.0K /etc/php
36K /etc/nginx
2.4M /etc/file
24K /etc/avahi
48K /etc/apcupsd
12K /etc/sysstat
48K /etc/security
252K /etc/ssl
568K /etc/ssh
48K /etc/mcelog
88K /etc/mc
48K /etc/logrotate.d
4.0K /etc/sensors.d
36K /etc/iproute2
9.1M /etc/udev
20K /etc/modprobe.d
104K /etc/pam.d
4.0K /etc/elogind
4.0K /etc/cron.monthly
8.0K /etc/cron.hourly
8.0K /etc/cron.daily
4.0K /etc/cron.d
4.0K /etc/cron.weekly
8.0K /etc/dbus-1
4.0K /etc/sasl2
72K /etc/default
344K /etc/rc.d
8.0K /etc/acpi
68K /etc/profile.d
15M /etc
12M /bin
776K /var/local
4.0K /var/kerberos
12K /var/state
2.0M /var/cache
16K /var/named
36K /var/tmp
8.0K /var/spool
4.0K /var/lock
6.9M /var/log
2.8M /var/lib
13M /var
16K /root
6.2G /
0 /mnt/rootshare
0 /mnt
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