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Can't connect to unraid on local network.


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I am trying to access my unraid on my local network but I cannot connect. I can see the IP of my unraid from its display and it's but I can't connect to it when I put that exact same address into a browser on my main PC. Both the unraid server and my main PC are connected to the same switch. Both are using 2.5gbe network cards. I also cannot access the proper GUI mode when I booth unraid with GUI. Nothing appears on the screen. Does anyone have any way I can access my server? 


I am trying to reset my whole server completely from new and format everything. Can I put unraid on a new usb and start again ? 

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As JorgeB said, there is a big difference between http://ipaddress and https://ipaddress, and depending on your settings one may work while the other doesn't. 


If your system is setup with an unraid.net url, see this recent blog post: https://unraid.net/blog/ssl-certificate-update-2


Otherwise, see this: https://wiki.unraid.net/My_Servers#How_to_access_your_server_when_DNS_is_down

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