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[SOLD] 95 TB Storage Server x99 5960x @ 4.25ghz 32gb ram - $1,600

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Selling one of my Home Storage Servers.  This is my backup server that I used to backup my primary server to.
Please note that the pic is showing the side & front cover removed, all buttoned up it looks all black and very clean.  (Has RGB installed, but I'm not using it)
System has 11x 8TB HDD's & 1x 5TB HDD, with 2x 1TB SSD's.  Also includes a 10G NIC.  Detailed specs in the pictures.

The case is a ZOFOS EVO SILENT
Been really happy with it, solid & has sound dampening installed as well, giving it a nice heavy/sturdy feel.

I changed my network setup and don't need this server anymore.  It has been sitting idle for the past 3 months.  The HDD's have about 1.5 years runtime on them, most of that time they were spun down, as they only spun up when my main server ran a backup at night.

I have built a dozen x99 systems and they are awesome for storage servers due to their 40 PCIe lanes & ability to use Xeon CPU's with up to 22 cores.
I use the same motherboard/CPU in my main server, with 300TB of storage and 2 16 port HBA cards.  The storage throughput is very high and this system has a lot of room for growth.  
This system is highly tuned.  I overclocked the CPU & tuned the Memory Timings.  The CPU is a silicone lottery winner, able to hit 4.25Ghz with hardly any voltage bump.  Performance and temperatures are very good, Prime95 AVX stable, with full load temps in the 60's on the CPU.  (I have been running overclocked x99 since launch date & know how to get good performance with low temps & low voltages)

Airflow is amazing on this case.  I'm showing the front (The 3 big fans) with the cover removed, looks very slick all buttoned up.
The front fans are the Noctua Industrial.  They are set to about 40%, but would get the job done at much lower speeds as well. (I have it in a server room, so I don't care about noise at 40%, but the system has been built to also operate quietly and fan speed can be reduced a lot.)

Detailed spec are in the pictures.

I was running Unraid on this.  Right now I  have TruNAS installed, just so I can show that it boots and everything works.

I'm in Kansas City, you can pick it up for free, or I can ship it in the USA for actual shipping costs.  (Probably $75-100, but haven't checked)

Thanks for looking!







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added pics of case
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10 minutes ago, whipdancer said:

FYI, the case appears to be an Antec Nineteen-Hundred (a high quality, full-tower case).

Thanks for pointing that out, I uploaded some stock images of what the case looks like.
The case is a ZOFOS EVO SILENT
Been really happy with it, solid & has sound dampening installed as well, giving it a nice heavy/sturdy feel.

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