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setup transcoding on linuxserver plex

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Not sure what I am missing , but  everything i stream is direct stream and not HW. I have intel gpu top running and the terminal windows I get a return of card0 /dev/dri \renderD128. In plex extra parameters id --device=/dev/dri/renderD128 and  added container  path --device=/dev/dri/renderD128.


Any kelp would be great

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Direct Stream is what you ideally want.  It means the client supports the resolution, bitrate etc and can play it natively.  Why would you want it to transcode under those circumstances?


You need to get it to transcode first (you can do this on the client by changing it's playback settings) and then you'll see if it's using hardware or software to transcode

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Everything I have read said the same thing that direct was the best. I must have misunderstood about hardware transcoding being better. That is why I got an Intel board that supported quick sync for Hardware Transcoding.  Thanks for replaying. Guess I have a lot to reading ahead of me.

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8 hours ago, cssworld said:

I must have misunderstood about hardware transcoding being better.

Hardware transcoding is better than software transcoding (CPU does all the work) IF you need transcoding.  The best situation is to have all the media in formats the local clients can direct play. 


Transcoding is generally needed for remote streaming, to cell phones or for clients with limited content playback support.  In this case, hardware transcoding is preferred as it uses the quick sync video capabilities of the iGPU and does not tax the CPU much at all.

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