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Upgrading license, sort of..?


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So i setup an unraid server relatively recently and bought a basic license limiting me to 6 drives. I've acquired more drives and so now have a decision to make. 


The intent is to setup a new license on a different usb that gave me more drives (didn't want to simply upgrade existing license). 


I'm aware of the process if i want to swap one usb to another and request an updated key, but i essentially want to migrate all my disks to a new license. I have a second usb setup with a trial while i was testing virtulisation so can i just clear that configuration, buy a key, copy contents of existing usb to new usb and then just re-assign disks to the same slots?

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Appreciate the replies. 


I should have asked but does it matter if the two versions of unraid are different. The trial was a 6.12 rc but my main unraid server is 6.11.5. Should i reflash the new drive with the same version before copying the config over?

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34 minutes ago, Phire21 said:

Should i reflash the new drive with the same version before copying the config over?

An Unraid license is not associated with a particular version of Unraid in any way.  I have had the same license since Unraid V5 beta14 and have done countless Unraid upgrades since then.

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